Saturday, July 10, 2010

Laguna Beach TV Show

The Laguna Beach TV show is set in one of the wealthiest beach communities in the state of California and quite possibly the entire world. Produced by MTV, the program follows the lives of eight extremely rich and beautiful teenagers who actually live there. The show is based on all of the intricacies of teenage life and the perennial problems of living in a small town. You get to eavesdrop as the Laguna Beach TV show�s stars attend parties, work through family relationships and romance. The show has all the intrigue and drama of a prime time soap opera. However, this is a reality show that goes inside the seeming paradise of this ocean front community, not fiction.

The Laguna Beach TV show is following Lo, LC, Morgan and Christina, the most popular girls in their high school as they get ready to spend their last summer together before going off to college and beginning their adult lives. They decide to hold an large fashion formal �Black and White� affair at the exclusive Surf and Sand hotel on the beach. There is intrigue as the girls decide who to invite to their party. Stephen is a very popular boy that has been LC�s good friend for years. He happens to be dating a junior named Kristin. Now if you remember when you were in high school dating a lower classman was never considered good. LC decides she want to break Stephen and Kristin up because she wants him for herself.

Before the party on the Laguna Beach TV show, Stephen admits to his friends that Kristin is really just a hook up and not really a girlfriend. In fact, he tells them that LC is really his girlfriend, but he is not ready to get exclusive yet. Stephen brings Kristin to the party, where she is the only one who decided to wear a white dress. With all of the interactions between Stephen and LC, it is pretty obvious that Kristin is just a passing fancy.

The Laguna Beach TV show will appeal to teenagers, young adults and probably to a lot of the soap opera fans. As an adult over 30, I find it boring. But then, I don�t like the soaps either. I also don�t particularly like reality shows, but I must admit, the Laguna Beach TV show is better than any of the others reality shows I have seen so far.

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