Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free PC TV

If you are looking for free PC TV you are most likely talking about Internet TV. This is primarily made up of traditional TV programs that are available free and legally over the airwaves. These programs have been made available over the internet as the result of several factors such as the increase in Internet connection speeds, the total number of people now online, and the decrease in connection costs. This free PC TV service comes in four different varieties:

TV channels which exist only on the internet (legal to watch on free PC TV). � These stations can originate from anywhere in the world but are most frequently are found at universities, government agencies, some corporations and many start up networks. The universities are providing experience in running a real TV station to their students. Government agencies use their service to inform the public. Corporations cloud their broadcast as public service but in reality they are usually infomercials, which do provide a public service however biased it may be. Finally, broadcasting over the internet is a much less expensive way for a new startup network to establish itself.

Traditional stations that simulcast live on the net. (legal to watch on free PC TV) � Some TV stations simulcast their local programs to increase the number of viewers to help increase their advertising revenue.

Traditional stations making select content available on demand at their website. (legal to watch on free PC TV) - This is very popular service for news channels and the news departments of local TV stations. Many people are too busy to watch the regular news broadcasts during their slotted times and most people just do not bother to tape the news. However, they will go online and watch the reports that they missed.

Traditional TV stations making extra content exclusively for their website. (legal to watch on free PC TV) � Some of the TV stations are trying to gain viewer loyalty and provide an exclusive source of advertising revenue by offering internet only specialty niche programs.

So there is quite a bit of free PC TV available on the internet. However, you won�t find the current prime time programs available to be watched on free PC TV.

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