Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Download TV Commercials

Can you find free download TV commercials? There are several website in existence where you can find free download TV commercials and there are others where only some of the downloads are free. There are still other web sites that require you to upload a commercial before you can download several of them.

One such web site is AdLand. It touts itself as �an advertising rag site made by the ad grunts who populate it.� This irreverent website began as a website in 1996 and eventually turned into a blog around 2000. It is a community site where members can post their comments, opinions and whatever so long as it relates to television commercials. There is also a moderator who approves or rejects all posts and links. If downloading commercials is your thing, free download TV commercials can be found at

It is hard for me to imagine why so many people spend so much time watching, discussing, downloading and uploading TV commercials. Half of the population does everything in their power to avoid watching commercials. VCRs and the newer digital recorders make it possible to never watch an annoying commercial again. Free download TV commercials May exist but I certainly would not waste the time and effort to get any of them. On the rare occasions I really like a television commercial and I have to admit that I find some of them hilarious and there have even been one or two that were actually inspiring. Even so, I don�t want to watch them dozens or hundreds of times a month.

I admit that I enjoy watching those �Greatest Commercials� specials. I do appreciate the skill, imagination and humor that go into producing a good free download TV commercials even if I hate watching them. Ok, I admit that sometimes the commercials do provide information on an interesting event or product that I do some follow up research on. I also grudging admit, there are some benefits and value to commercials. I just don�t want to be forced to watch them hundreds of times over a short time period. Anyway, if you really are into free download TV commercials check out this web site and download to your heart�s content.

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