Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fox Television Shows

REUNION � a FOX television shows that presents a totally new concept in series television as it records the lives of a group of six friends over the course of 20 years in a single season. The story is revealed during the investigation of one of the friends murders and tells the story of how each of them got to this place through a series of flash backs. It tells what the hopes and dreams of the 18-year-olds were and the realities that exist two decades later.

24 - a FOX television shows that each season takes place within one 24 hour day. Jack Bauer is the head of an elite team of the CIA�s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) agents who uncover various terrorist plots in each season and overcome them although not without the lose of loved ones or careers. In other words, when they break the rules or screw up, they suffer the consequences.
The Simpsons - a FOX television shows prime time cartoon series that is about an animated family makes their home in Springfield, USA. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are going strong. It was the first primetime animated show that was treated like a sitcom since "The Flintstones" quietly left the air in 1966. It is hardcore adult material that appeals to all audiences. While there are usually situations that may not be suitable for all viewers, "The Simpsons" works because of great comedy with good value lessons that can be derived from most of the episodes. The family may be animated, but they are just as complicated and vulnerable as the real people watching them.

King of the Hill - a FOX television shows and it is a second prime cartoon starring Hank Hill. Hill is the last of a dying breed because he is reasonably honest, reasonably moral, works hard, believes in American craftsmanship, and he loves his dysfunctional family. He is a political conservative. And his conservative point of view doesn't always make him very sympathetic in some cases.

Hank's wife, Peggy, is a warm, loving and caring person at heart, but is an over confident and under educated substitute Spanish teacher who strives to do her best, but her over confidence leads to decisions where she makes a fool of herself. The kids are just plain dysfunctional. From a noting little network a few years ago, the quality of some of the FOX television shows has made it a network causing the big boys to watch their backs.

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