Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cable TV Reception Problems

In the early days, cable tv reception problems were frequent and frustrating. And many cable tv reception problems were not the fault of the subscriber.

One of the most frequent early cable tv reception problems was caused by distance. The television signal was received by an antenna or dish and then had to be routed to subscribers who often lived some distance from the original source. But these cable tv reception problems were not something a subscriber could fix.

However, there are a number of things a subscriber can do to help eliminate cable tv reception problems. One big thing is to make certain the cable is properly connected to your television. Most cable companies will do this when they install the service.

But often TV�s get disconnected and moved or hardware, such as a DVD player, is added to your system. When this happens, you open the door to cable tv reception problems. So always double check your connections after moving a television or adding a new device.

When checking cable tv reception problems, take a close look at both the cable leading into the back of your television and the connectors. Make certain the cable is not damaged and the center pin of the coaxial connector extends beyond the front of the connector body by 1/8".

If everything looks fine and you are still experiencing cable tv reception problems, try connecting a different TV to your wall jack. It could be that your cable tv reception problems are being caused by your TV and not the cable.

If the TV checks out okay, it is probably the coaxial cable that is causing your cable tv reception problems. Even if it looks all right, you should try replacing it. Coaxial cable is not expensive; particularly in short lengths so don�t hesitate to apply this remedy.

Also, if you have a VCR or DVD player and you are experiencing cable tv reception problems on all channels except channel 3, make sure the VCR is turned off or is in the TV mode. Another way to check the VCR or DVD for cable tv reception problems is to bypass the player and plug the TV directly into the cable wall jack.

Cable tv reception problems can be frustrating. And if all else fails, call your cable provider. They should be willing to send someone to personally check on your cable tv reception problems. After all, it is to their best interest to see that your service is free of any troublesome cable tv reception problems...whether on your end or theirs.

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