Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arts Entertainment TV

Arts entertainment TV is provided primarily by the arts and entertainment network. This arts entertainment TV network offers a wide variety of programming designed to expand your mental horizons such as history, entire shows about various artists and art techniques, current events, popular culture, true reality shows as opposed to the contrived �reality� shows seen on network television, nature and the very popular biography series where they present the factual biography of famous people both past and present.

Arts entertainment TV is provided primarily on three different channels, the arts & entertainment, the history channel and the new biography channel. All of these channels are provided by the cable network services and have over 88 million subscribers. These channels are usually a part of the family package with most cable providers. Recently, the award winning biography program has been expanded into an entire biography channel. These programs reach about 230 million people in over 130 countries around the world.

Arts entertainment TV is a joint venture between the Hearst corporation, Disney�s American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). A&E network is an award winning international broadcasting service that offers television programming, original movies, drams series, mystery shows, documentaries, books, music, cds, home videos, online and on air magazines in addition to educational programs. The channel has won numerous Emmy Awards over the years. To learn more about them visit

Arts entertainment TV History channel provides an excellent opportunity for people to learn about the past. The provide reenactments of famous events in history with discussions that look at the physical evidence, the written records and if controversies exists, they will present all sides of the argument. The history channel was awarded the Governor�s Award from the Television Academy or f Arts and sciences for the quality of their programming. To learn more about them visit

Arts entertainment TV Biography channel presents the award winning biography series. After years of this program running on the A & E network, they had such an extensive archive that there was enough material to branch out and provide 24 hours a day of the stories of the most exceptional people throughout history. To learn more about Arts entertainment TV Biography channel, visit

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