Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1970 Variety TV Shows

When you talk about variety shows, people often think of the fifties. But 1970 variety tv shows were also among some of television�s greatest hits. Some of these1970 variety tv shows included Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett, Rowan & Martin Laugh-in, Sonny & Cher, and Tony Orlando.

During the sixties, the variety show all but disappeared. But the 1970 variety tv shows brought back this format to thunderous applause and high ratings.

Part of the success of the 1970 variety tv shows can be attributed to color television. In the fifties, almost all television was broadcast in black and white. But by 1970, there were 37 million color sets in the U.S. Colorful costumes and elaborate sets were the perfect showcase for 1970 variety tv shows broadcast in color.

One of the most successful of the 1970 variety tv shows was Flip Wilson. When it debuted in the fall of 1970, it instantly became a favorite of audiences and within that first season grew to become the highest rated show on television.

You will still hear several catch phrases from The Flip Wilson show which remain as reminders of the era of the 1970 variety tv shows. Two of the more popular phrases are, "The devil made me do it", and "What you see is what you get".

Another popular program from the decade of the 1970 variety tv shows featured Carol Burnett. It actually debuted in the late sixties but ran throughout most of the seventies.

During this time, it was often heralded as one of the best of the 1970 variety tv shows. It reaped a harvest of emmys including three for best variety show. Reruns are still popular and many of the shows can now be purchased on DVD.

The 1970 variety tv shows also helped launch the careers of a number of entertainers. One of the most notable of these is Goldie Hawn who is still enormously popular today.

Another benefit of the 1970 variety tv shows was the opportunity it gave established entertainers to showcase their talents. Guest appearances on the 1970 variety tv shows were responsible for reviving more than one sagging career.

Every now and then, a new variety show still debuts. But the 1970 variety tv shows really brought an end to this form of television entertainment. Which is unfortunate. The 1970 variety tv shows offered true entertainment for the entire family. No other format has ever had the same universal appeal as those wonderful 1970 variety tv shows.

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