Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Television Invented

The first television invented is surrounded by a lot of controversy. The British say that John Baird of Scotland is the inventor. RCA corporation says that David Sarnoff and Vladimir Zworykin invented television. Most Americans say that Philo Farnsworth invented the first television. Both when the first television invented and by whom is open to debate.

The first television invented by John Baird used a mechanical image scanning device that he invented himself. It was patterned after an image scanning device invented by Nipkow in 1884. Baird used two hatboxes and a coffin lid coated with selenium. There were holes in the hatbox bottoms drilled in concentric patterns. The two disks spun at different rates slicing the light reflected from the images into rows that could then be turned into sound waves by an electronic circuit and then transmitted by conventional radio to a receiving device where the process was reversed. The image was then displayed on a simple cathode ray tube. Karl Braun invented the cathode ray tube in 1887.

The first television invented by David Sarnoff and Vladimir Zworykin wasn�t really a television but was a very primitive video camera. Zworykin and his employer, RCA, held a patent for his device. However, his device could record the images but not actually transmit then to a receiver.

Meanwhile the first television invented by Philo Farnsworth was the first totally electronic device invented. Farnsworth successfully transmitted moving pictures using his device in 1927. He applied for a patent and received one in 1930. RCA sued him for patent infringement and building electronic televisions was put on hold until the case was finally settled in 1941. Farnsworth won the case and then sold his patent to ITT Corporation

The first television invented by Farnsworth was destroyed. So in 1977, several of the people involved in the original building and testing of the Farnsworth device, gathered for a reunion at the Foothill Museum in Palo Alto, CA. Cliff Gardner, one of the original helpers, built a working replica of the Farnsworth device, which was called an image dissecting tube by hand. To see a video of the first television invented click on the link

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