Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Antique Television Appraisals

Antique television appraisals are necessary for your personal record keeping, for insurance purposes, for tax records if you plan to donate the item to charity and for inheritance taxes after you die. A professional evaluation of each item is necessary to ascertain whether it has real monetary value or whether it only has sentimental value to your family. Antique television appraisals are based on the condition and how rare each individual item is.

The methodology of antique television appraisals is simple. You either take the item to a qualified professional or have them come to your home if that is more appropriate for the piece. TV sets are portable but it is probably better to get the appraiser come to your home to avoid possible damage to the set. Good quality photos taken from every angle and a video of the set working may be sufficient to get the appraisal done. You need to have the entire historical information ready such as model, manufacturer, year made, technical specifications, etc.

Most people don�t realize how much their antique TV set is worth. Usually it was passed down through the family as a collectible item or maybe they just found in a deceased relative�s attic or basement. That is why they should have antique television appraisals done. The value will be determined by the physical appearance of the set, whether or not it is in working condition, how rare that particular model is and whether there is a market for that particular item. One way to get a monetary benefit from your antique without having to try and find a buyer is to donate it to a museum, library or school to be put on display.

If you have an antique television appraisals done, you can deduct the stated value on the appraisal form as a charitable contribution on your income tax return. Just remember that an antique television appraisals is just an informed opinion of the value of the item. As with all opinions, its validity depends on the expertise and educational background of the person providing it.

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