Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Write Television Commercials

To write television commercials the first thing you need to do is create and submit a creative brief. A creative brief acts like a mini-synopsis and fact finding instrument for the commercial. A properly prepared creative brief will make it an automatic task to get all of the necessary information into your commercial while allowing you to exercise you imagination and creativity to write television commercials.

A bad brief can cause you to head in the wrong direction or leave out important information needed to write television commercials that will get the viewer to want to purchase the product. Bad briefs create bad commercials and worst of all don�t create that all important the �I want that!� attitude in the viewer.

A creative brief that is used to write television commercials is primarily a list of questions. You need to use a flexible format so that you can ask the appropriate questions for the type of advertising campaign, the product and the type of media you will be using. When using more than one media is it usually a good idea to create separate a creative brief for each media.

One of the more difficult aspects of writing a creative brief to write television commercials is asking the right questions. The questions will be different depending on what the purpose of the commercial is. Is it to increase brand awareness, or introduce a new product from a well know company or a brand new product from a unknown company? Each one of these situations will require that different question be asked and a different emphasis placed on the answers.

There are three categories of creative briefs used to write television commercials, basic, advanced and quick. The following list summarizes the differences:
� Basic brief - is a brief prepared for a client you know well and or a product that you have worked on before. Since you already know the background of the company or the product, less information is needed.
� Advanced brief - is used for new client, new products or new advertising campaigns. It is an extremely detailed list of questions designed to discover all the necessary information about the company, the product and exactly what they are trying to accomplish.
� Quick brief - is used for small project, tight deadlines or well know products. It has the minimum numbers of questions needed to do the job. After all, if you are preparing a brief for coca cola or ipod, you really don�t need to gather that much information about either the company or the product.

Once you have completed the creative brief needed to write television commercials, you can start concentrating on the how you want to reach your audience, what you want to say to them and what emotions, hopes, fears, etc. you are trying to appeal. Then when you actually sit down and write television commercials, you will be able to create that all important thought, �I want one of them.�

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