Friday, May 21, 2010

World Online TV Crack

Why do some people refer to online television as �tv crack�? Crack is an addictive drug. But you already know that. What you may not know is that there�s another addictive habit people sometimes call, �world online tv crack�. It�s legal. It�s on the rise. And it can be life damaging. But what is �world online tv crack�?

It begins with a discovery that you can travel anywhere in the world via television. Want to see what�s going on in Russia? Tune in. Want to pay a visit to Parliament in London? It takes only a click. Welcome to �world online tv crack�.

But is �world online tv crack� really an addiction? addiction is recognized as a real problem. �World online tv crack� is simply a form of this addiction.

At the root of all tv addiction, including, �world online tv crack�, is a withdrawal from the real world. This, of course, is something of a contradiction. To escape the external world, people who get hung up on �world online tv crack� want to see as much of the world as possible through the lens of a television camera.

What starts out as a fascinating pastime gradually turns into an obsession. And because part of the world is just getting up while others are going to bed, �world online tv crack� addicts can easily spend a good portion of their day and night sitting in front of a computer.

In a way, �world online tv crack�, has somewhat the same addictive pull as ham radio...except much stronger. Ham operators spend long hours, particularly at night, trying to make contact with other radio hobbyists around the world. When they do make contact with a new operator, particularly in a new country, it provides a special thrill.

A person addicted to �world online tv crack� experiences the same kind of high. Except television, unlike ham radio, tends to manipulate your mental state. The person addicted to �world online tv crack� becomes lulled into a mildly pleasant condition of apathy, almost like hypnosis.

This person will sit for hours in front of their computer, watching movies, news casts, musical entertainment, meetings, government sessions...often in languages they cannot understand. But because the telecast is coming from a distant country, often live, it represents a special high. That�s the addictive power of �world online tv crack�.

What�s the cure for �world online tv crack�? There are any number of ways to treat non-substance addictions. But the important key is a realization on the part of the addict that �world online tv crack� is stealing an enormous part of their life. Until that happens, there can be no cure. So perhaps the best cure of all is to never get involved in the first place. Just say �No� to �world online tv crack�.

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