Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Official Debut Of Television

The official debut of television was in 1926 when John Baird, a Scottish inventor transmitted the first television picture from one room to another in his laboratory in the Soho district of London. Baird butyl his transmitting device from two hatbox bottoms with holes drilled in concentric patterns in them so the could �cut� the light being reflected off an image into lines that could be capture to a selenium coated disk made from a coffin lid. The rows of light could then be turned into sound waves. The sound waves were transmitted using conventional radio transmitting equipment. A duplicate device that reversed the process by turning the sound waves back into light was used to send the light to a cathode ray tube where the image was displayed on the screen. This humble beginning was the official debut of television.

After the official debut of television, John Baird went on the start the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). He also stated another company to manufacture �Olympia televisors�. He originally had three models. One was just a receiver that had to be hooked up to a radio to get the sound part of the transmission. The second had built in speakers but still had to be hooked up to a radio to receive the transmission and the third one had everything built in and was a stand alone unit.

Baird�s televisors were offered to the British public starting at the cost of 20 pounds. 20 pounds was a lot of money back in 1928. Meanwhile, across the pond, as the British say when referring to America, Philo Farnsworth was working on an electronic version of an image scanning device. He successfully transmitted a picture in 1927. Farnsworth obtained a patent in 1930. But Farnsworth was almost immediately embroiled in a patent infringement lawsuit started by David Sarnoff of RCA. One of RCA�s employees invented a primitive video recorder and held a patent. RCA�s device was similar in concept to Farnsworth. In 1941, Farnsworth finally won his lawsuit and then sold his patent to ITT. 1927 was the official debut of television using an electronic image scanning device.

So, the official debut of television using mechanical scanning devices was in England in 1926 and the official debut of television using electronic scanning devices was in 1927 in California.

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