Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laguna Beach The TV Show

Set in the beautiful exclusive surrounds of Laguna Beach California, Laguna Beach the TV show is a reality show about the lives of a bunch of teenagers who actually live there. It is a real life soap opera about the shenanigans of these high school seniors as they spend their last summer together before beginning their adult lives in college or in the working world. These teens come from very wealthy families and are among the privileged minority in this country. Laguna Beach the TV show is set in one of the most expensive and exclusive ocean front communities in the sate of California and possibly the world.

The teens on Laguna Beach the TV show are not your average teens because they were born to wealth and privilege. However, they do seem to have the same kind of problems as teens everywhere, being popular, family relationships, romance, what to do with the rest of their lives. The show follow them as the live the everyday event of their lives while wrestling with the big decisions about their futures.

The girls on Laguna Beach the TV show are:
Kristin Cavalleri � LC�s rival for Stephen�s affections. She is currently one of the hosts of �Get This Party Started� on UPN.
Lauren Conrad � Lauren or "L.C.", as her friends call her has immersed herself in the wealth of Laguna. Lauren enjoys designing and is currently studying fashion design in college.
Jessica Smith � one of the girls involved with Jason.
Taylor Cole - Jessica�s friend and love rival.
Lo Bosworth - Lo loves fashion. Lo is a fan of the TV show The OC and she likes living in Orange County , California.
Alex Murrel - Alex is trying to steal Jessica boyfriend.

The boys on Laguna Beach the TV show are:
Talan Torriero - Talan is a nice guy who does not try and play all the girls against each other.
Stephen Coletti - Stephen enjoys playing Kristin and LC against each other.
Jason Wahler - Jason is the bad boy who becomes big man on campus at Laguna Beach High School and likes breaking girls' hearts.

Laguna Beach the TV show is a program that appeals to teenagers and young adults. It is all about the rights of passage between the teen years and adulthood. These teens are obscenely wealthy, but they still have the same fears and concerns when it comes to friendship, love and their futures as any other teen in the United States. Laguna Beach the TV show is a very different kind of reality show.

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