Friday, May 7, 2010

Iraq Television Station

An Iraq television station is one of the chief weapons that the military is using in its effort to win over the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq. The Pentagon funds an Iraq television station called Al-Iraqiya. It sole mission is to provide the people of Iraq with news reporting that is not totally anti-American in nature.

As an Iraq television station, AL-Iraqiya is slow and stodgy compared to the Gulf-based Arab stations available in the area. The Arab stations call the anti-American fighters �resisters� as opposed to the �terrorists� label they get on Al-Iraqiya. The Arab stations are full-fledged TV stations with all the polish and glitz of a commercial TV station. The Iraqi governing council recently shut down a Saudi owned station for �inciting murder� by broadcasting a voice claimed to be Saddam Hussein. The State department approved the temporary closing of the TV station, but American groups advocating freedom of the press were enraged by the State Department�s approval.

A separate Iraq television station that is US-owned will soon begin broadcasting in Iraq. However there is criticism of the us owned stations as well. Even though 85% of the Iraqi people support what the US is doing in their country, they distrust all of the TV stations because they believe the US owned stations are merely pawns of the Us government just as the Arab owned stations are pawns of the anti-American groups in the area. It really should not surprise anyone that these people distrust all forms of authority, especially anything owned and operated by a government agency.

Since the pro-US Iraq television station reports only the �good� news such as the liberation efforts , new freedoms, infrastructure improvements and the capture of terrorists, most Iraqi people see the programming as boring at best even though 59% of the people who only have local television access depend on Al-Iraqiya for their news reports. They do report on other news and more negative stories but tend to do so much slower than the Arab owned stations. 63% of the Iraqis with satellite access prefer the faster reporting anti-American stations for more up to the minute news coverage. Actually, the pro-American and anti-American Iraq television station together probably give the Iraqi people a pretty clear picture of both sides of the argument where the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

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