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History Broadcast Television

The history of broadcast television has its beginning in 1925. However the technology to scan images was invented in 1884, the cathode ray tube was invented in 1897 and the first images were broadcast in 1925. Below is a brief history of broadcast television listing the most important events that happened.

History of broadcast television 1920s
� 1923 -- National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) formed
� 1925 -- Baird demonstrates first TV pictures via a mechanical system
� 1926 -- National Broadcasting Company founded and Alexanderson develops scanning disc TV system
� 1927 -- Farnsworth transmits first electronic TV picture and applies for a patent on electronic television. Bell Labs demonstrates wireless TV between Whippany, NJ and New York. The First experimental TV station permits were issued by federal government and AT&T sent motion pictures over telephone lines from Chicago to New York.

History of broadcast television 1930s
� 1932 -- NBC begins experimental telecasts and Schroeter describes method for recording pictures on magnetic tape
� 1934 -- FCC established as a permanent government regulatory agency and the Orthicon camera tube was developed
� 1939 -- Roosevelt becomes first U.S. president to give a speech on television and the DuMont company begins manufacturing television sets for consumers. The first televised baseball game was played between Princeton and Columbia Universities.

History of broadcast television 1940s
� 1940 -- Paramount puts first TV station on the air in Chicago and Clark suggests geosynchronous satellites for communications

� 1947 � The First taped US radio network program featuring Bing Crosby is televised

History of broadcast television 1950s
� 1950 -- FCC approves CBS whirling disc color system and the first CATV system begins
� 1952 -- FCC approves UHF-TV broadcasting
� 1953 -- Color TV broadcasting begins
� 1955 -- RCA prototype videotape machine used briefly on air at NBC
� 1956 -- Broadcast-quality solid-state camera (except for pickup tube) developed and the black and white portable TV was introduced.

History of broadcast television 1960s
� 1960 � The first rectangular screen TV introduced and the First battery-operated transistorized TV for sale
� 1961 � President John F. Kennedy held the first live televised presidential news conference
� 1962 -- Telstar communications satellite provides first international relay of TV pictures
� 1963 -- A TV was used the Mercury 9 manned space flight
� 1964 � A TV camera was placed on board Ranger 7 explorer to moon
� 1968 -- CBS uses a portable minicam for democratic national convention coverage
� 1969 -- Worldwide audience watches Neil Armstrong walk on the moon live

History of broadcast television 1970s
� 1970 -- Electronic tuning was built into US television sets
� 1972 � The first prerecorded videocassette tapes were available for sale
� 1973 -- The first giant-screen projection color TVs were marketed
� 1974 -- Sony introduces the Betamax home VCR
� 1975 -- HBO begins program distribution via satellite
� 1976 � The VHS home recording format was introduced

History of broadcast television 1980s
� 1981 -- Beta Format introduced by Sony and HDTV was demonstrated in Los Angeles
� 1984 � the first color TVs with all-digital signal circuitry sold
� 1988 -- Philips laboratories demonstrates its HDTV system designed for satellite transmission

History of broadcast television 1990s
� 1990 -- Production of giant-screen color TV picture tubes started in the US
� 1991 � The First TVs with built-in closed-caption introduced
� 1993 -- 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen) television sets marketed in US
� 1995 � Computer Chronicles is the first television program transmitted via the Internet and Flat-screen plasma display TVs were introduced

History of broadcast television 2000 and beyond � there hasn�t really been any major breakthroughs in the past few years. There have been a lot of improvements to existing technology. Probably the only significant thing to occur in the history of broadcast television since 2000 has been TV on the PC.

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