Monday, May 3, 2010

Free TV On PC

To watch free TV on PC you need a video player installed on your computer. Most players can be downloaded free of charge. On a Macintosh, you can use either the Mac version of the windows media player for �media� streams or Apple�s Quick Time media player for �qtime� streams. On all platforms such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux boxes you can use the appropriate version of VLV or MPlayer to watch free TV on PC. Of course, it will work better if you have a broadband connection to view the video programs.

Television is a big part of most people daily lives. Now it is possible to watch free TV on PC to enjoy the news, older network programs, movies, entertainment programs and even sporting events. For the best experience, you really need a broadband connection. If you are one of the people that still uses a dial up connection, you might want to consider downloading the programs rather than trying to watch them online. Nothing is more annoying than the have the show stop while the next part is being downloaded. It is also possible to watch programs from anywhere in the world which hopefully will help everyone to understand the people from different cultures and religions a little better.

The kinds of programs available from free TV on PC are: Internet TV, Internet radio, webcasts, and streaming media.

Internet TV - Internet TV can be broadcast from stations that only exist on the internet or they may be from regular TV stations that want to make some of their programming available on free TV on PC to increase the number of their viewers.

Internet radio � internet radio is a radio broadcasting service transmitted over the Internet and can be listened to in the same manner that free TV on PC is watched. The radio stations may or may not have a traditional station somewhere in the world.

Streaming media � streaming media is any form of media that is read, heard, or viewed while it is being delivered over free TV on PC. It may be audio only, video only or combine both audio and video presentations.

webcast � a webcast is similar to a broadcast television program but designed for internet transmission. It is a service designed specifically for free TV on PC. The viewer must first install a webcast client that lets them connect to the webcast server before they can view the program.

Free TV on PC allows an individual to watch or listen to stations from anywhere in the world. This new method of transmitting audio and video programs has eliminated geography as a factor in the popularity of radio and TV programs. Since the advent of free TV on PC, the only barrier left is language.

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