Sunday, May 30, 2010

ABC TV Summer Schedule

How can you predict what, for example, the coming abc tv summer schedule will be? Looking back at an abc tv summer schedule in the past may present a few clues.

Past offerings on an abc tv summer schedule have often included a slate of original scripted and alternative series shows, weekly movies, normally a music special and some favorite returning series that premiered late in the season.

This takes care of May, June and July. But the abc tv summer schedule for August generally isn�t announced until later. This gives tv executives a chance to make changes before settling on the fall schedule.

Although some people think it is unfair to make a new show debut during the summer, the abc tv summer schedule generally contains several. These are shows with questionable potential but are still good enough to earn some exposure. If they do well against other network shows, they will probably earn a spot on the upcoming fall schedule.

But the abc tv summer schedule can also be a graveyard for shows that haven�t pulled well during the winter. They may be moved to a different time slot or reworked to see if anything might be salvaged.

Then there are the inevitable reruns on the abc tv summer schedule as well as other networks. This is something that viewers have complained about since the early days of television.

But there is a reason for so many reruns on the abc tv summer schedule. For one, it keeps a popular show locked into the same time slot where viewers are used to seeing it. It also enables networks to recapture a portion of their production costs. Obviously a rerun costs very little money to put on the air when compared to the show�s original production costs.

However, don�t let reruns turn you off to the entire abc tv summer schedule. As noted in the beginning of this article, there are always some jewels among any abc tv summer schedule.

Checking the abc tv summer schedule regularly may reward you with a show that is destined to be one of the big hits next fall. Instead of thinking about any network summer schedule, including the abc tv summer schedule, as an entertainment desert, watch for those �first-time� shows that can add a special lift to your summer viewing. It�s like panning for gold. You never know when you�re going to be looking at a priceless nugget.

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