Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Firefly TV Show

The Firefly TV show, is a television program that could best be described as a space western. The time is 500 years in the future where humanity has expanded throughout the galaxy. Firefly is the saga of the crew of a firefly class space ship named Serenity. The crew is made up of veterans of a civil war against the new unified government called �The Alliance�. Since they fought on the losing side they are considered renegades, if not outright criminals, by the prevailing authorities on the Firefly TV show.

The Firefly TV show crew, led by captain Malcolm Reynolds is attempting to survive in whatever way they can. They stick to the outlying regions of the inhabited planets to avoid the alliance troops who patrol the area. They earn their living transporting cargo and passengers between the planets. The only problem, not all of their jobs are legal.

The Firefly TV show crew consists of the following people:
� Malcolm Reynolds -- the captain who has rather flexible moral standards but a real desire to keep his crew and ship safe.
� Zoe -- a former soldier who served under the captain in the war and owes him her life
� Walsh -- the ship�s pilot and also Zoe�s husband
� Kaylee -- an engineer from a backwater planet who keeps the aging firefly class ship running
� Jayne -- a mercenary with little schooling, very doubtful morals and no loyalties to anyone other than himself but the perfect person to protect your back unless someone offers him enough money to shoot you in it.

In an effort to earn extra money after the first few episodes, the Serenity books some passengers who eventually become permanent members of the Firefly TV show crew. Two of the new crewmembers are fleeing persecution from the Alliance. These new crewmembers are:
� Simon Tam � a highly skilled surgeon from a privilege background who left his home and spent most of his inheritance to save his sister from the Alliance.
� River Tam � a genius with physic abilities that was imprisoned by and experimented on by scientists in the Alliance until rescued by her brother. There is a large reward for their capture.
� Book � a rather mysterious minister called a Shepard. Book knows way more about military tactics and fighting than a man of God should know.
� Inara -- a �Registered Companion� which basically is a high priced call girl who rents one of the ship�s shuttles as her living quarters. Companions have a very high social standing in this society so she frequently acts as the crew's Ambassador.

The Firefly TV show depicts the ongoing adventures of this rather unlikely combination of characters. Unlike other space based shows, this one does not contain any alien species and has a down home charm to it. Tune in to Scifi on Friday night to watch the Firefly TV show.

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