Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fantasy Channel Television X

Fantasy channel television x is a British TV hard core porno channel. This television station is available over the internet in the Americas and over regular TV services in Europe. As is common practice in Europe, Television x routinely broadcasts live sex programs. Due to popular demand, Television x is providing an extra hour of live sex starting at 11 pm daily. The station also operates a live sex chat line that can be reached either by telephone or text messaging. Fantasy channel television x offers everything any one who likes to watch other people having sex could want in a TV station.

Fantasy channel television x is a subscription TV channel. Members must first subscribe to the channel. The subscription fee ranges from �9.99 to �11 ($18.50 to $20.50 USD) a month for their services. Television x is one of the most popular adult television stations in Europe. With total internet access available world wide, they may well become the most popular adult station in the English speaking world.

Fantasy channel television x 2 is a second channel, provided as part of the subscription service that features amateurs having live sex on TV. They also offer many filmed amateurs programs as well. In fact, Television x even offers a payment of �250 (approximately $465 USD) to anyone if they use your tape on the air. So if you are proud of your body and tape your own sexual performances, you may want to submit one of your tapes for consideration.

Fantasy channel television x 3 is a third channel, provided as part of the subscription service, that features the best sex films from across the pond or as we in the US say, from America. They promise that they are the first British TV station to carry these American porno films.

Fantasy channel television x has added a BRAND NEW interactive channel called Xtra. This new channel is available through Television X, Sky channel 969 and is a free addition to their existing service. Television Xtra offers a different theme every week to meet the viewer�s sexual fantasy needs. They provide almost everything including Teenage Tarts, Senior Sex and the Best of British Anal Whores. Therefore, if porno is your thing, Fantasy channel television x is the station for you.

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