Monday, April 12, 2010

Fake TV Stars

There is actually an entire industry that supplies fake TV stars. I suppose that should not be surprising, but I have to admit, it surprises me. I have always been aware of the Elvis impersonators and the occasional celebrity look alike contests. In fact I even attended an Elvis impersonator�s show when I was in Las Vegas a few years back. What I find hard to understand is that there are people willing to pay these fake TV stars to appear at certain functions. Do they tell the guests that they are impersonators like the Elvis impersonators do or do they try to pretend they really are the celebrity?

There are dozens of talent agencies that provide fake TV stars look alikes for almost any kind of event. Some examples of the kind of events you might want to hire a look alike to appear at are:

� Press Product Launches
� Consumer Product Launches
� Television and Media campaigns
� Celebrity impersonators for Conferences and Exhibitions
� Retail Store openings
� Shopping Mall and Markets
� In Store branding promotions
� Private parties
� Company holiday parties
� Corporate hospitality rooms
� Charity

Apparently many people hire fake TV stars like the sexy Halley Berry or Shania Twain lookalikes. Celebrity Impersonators by Elyse, started in 1992, advertises a �Grammy-winning Shania Twain shows with celebrity look alikes and celebrity sound alikes�. Another agency advertises �Look alikes create a buzz at any event. They are perfect for marketing and publicity stunts or to just to get heads turning. Like tribute bands and artists the look alike industry has boomed over the past few years and celebrity doubles are to be found in many different arenas�.

This year the Elyse Del Francia-Goodwin�s 5th Annual Celebrity Impersonator Convention was held at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. Hundreds of fake TV stars look alikes came from all over the world for a convention that is primarily a marketing event for the fake TV stars. The convention allows the fake TV stars look alikes to strut their stuff before the media, talent buyers and potential managers in hopes of getting future bookings.

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