Monday, April 19, 2010

Download Japanese TV Commercials

Download Japanese TV commercials is one way of watching them since they are usually only available to other audience around the world as a special on TV commercials. Even then they only usually show the �best� or �funniest� or �weirdest� download Japanese TV commercials.

Have you ever commented to someone you were watching television with that the commercials were actually better than the show sponsoring them. I suspect almost everyone has said that at some time or another. Were you kidding? Probably not, since some of the download Japanese TV commercials are pretty good entertainment.

Since the advent of VCRs, advertisers have been concerned about people just not bothering to watch TV commercials. Download Japanese TV commercials are no exception. Now with the advent of TiVo and other digital recorders, they are moving more into a panic mode. Will television networks be able to continue to charge their outrageous fees to air commercials if viewers can eliminate or fast forward though them? Since the Television networks depend almost exclusive on advertising revenue for earnings, they have plenty of reason to be concerned.

This concern seems to have turned into true panic in Japan. Whether people download Japanese TV commercials or not, Japanese broadcaster are saying that skipping commercials is a violation of Japan�s copyright law. Huh? Not watching a program or not reading part of a book violates copyright law? I will be very interested to see how that legal battle turns out. Meanwhile cooler heads in Japan have designated August 28 as national �TV Commercial Day�. They will spend that day trying to convince the Japanese people what all of the benefits of TV advertising are. If they don�t need to purchase cable or satellite service to get decent reception there are obvious benefits. But for the hundreds of millions of people who pay for their TV reception, it will be a hard sell.

I love to download Japanese TV commercials because I find them to be extremely entertaining. My favorites are the pokemon commercials. I could sit and watch them as pure entertainment for hours. If you share my love of these unusual commercials or any other Japanese commercials, go to This is a website where you can download Japanese TV commercials.

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