Friday, April 16, 2010

CSI Television Show

The CSI television show is all about Crime Scene Investigation. The program takes place in Las Vegas and centers on the CSI team of the Las Vegas Police Department and the crimes they investigate. It is a police drama with a twist. Instead of interviewing witnesses and pursuing criminals, the dedicated forensic scientists of the crime lab pursue the physical evidence that will provide irrefutable proof of how the crime was committed and hopefully who did it as well. When the CSI television show first debuted six years ago, it took off. Apparently there was a segment of the audience for a show that provided hard scientific information coupled with drama and a peek into how a crime scene investigation team actually works.

CSI uses very graphic pictures of grisly crime scenes and full color autopsies that, although they may shock the audience, don�t drive them away. In fact, the audience seems to want more. Set in the 24-hour city of Las Vegas, there is never a lack of visitors in addition to the locals that manage to get themselves into trouble that usually leads to their untimely demise. That fact keeps the CSI television show team busy trying to figure out exactly what happened. In the real world, a CSI needs to be both a policeman and a scientist and all of the characters on the show are both.

The CSI television show cast includes the following characters:
� Gil Grissom � Grissom (played by William Petersen) is the head of the crime lab team and a reclusive forensic scientist that hates playing politics.
� Catherine Willows � Willows (played by Marg Helgenberger) is a single parent who paid her way through college working as a Las Vegas showgirl.
� Warrick Brown � Brown (played by Gary Dourdan) is a former gambling addict that cleaned up his act right before he was about to lose his job.
� Nick Stokes � Stokes (played by George Eads) is the son of wealthy parents who don�t totally approve of his career choice.
� Sara Sidle � Sidle (played by Jorja Fox) has a troubled past as an abused child that led her into police work but sometimes gets in her way and causes her problems.
� Greg Sanders � Sanders (played by Eric Szmanda) was a DNA expert who wanted to get into fieldwork and finally qualified for fieldwork.
� Dr. Al Robbins � Dr Robbins (played by Robert David Hall) is the chief medical examiner.
� Captain Jim Brass � Captain Brass (played by Paul Guilfoyle) is a Las Vegas homicide detective that usually works with the CSI team.

Like any good drama series, the CSI television show has a sub story line that follow the personal lives of all the major characters as well as the new cases every week. Tune in to CBS on Thursday to watch the CSI television show.

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