Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cops TV Show

In 1989, a new type of TV program was introduced. The producers put a TV camera inside a police car and the Cops TV show was born. The Cops TV show was the very first reality show to air on television.

The Cops TV show is filmed in the Cinema Verit� style of documentary filming. There is no narration or explanation for what is happening. The actual footage shot must be sufficient to tell the story. As a result, the officers will frequently explain things sometimes before, during or after the actual events happen.

Each week on Cops TV show, the cameras are put into a car from a different police department somewhere in the United States. The audience gets to ride along with the police officers as they go about their normal daily activities. Over the years, audiences have witnessed police saving a drowning child, delivering a baby in the back of the police car, drug arrests, domestic disputes, drunk drivers being arrested and almost every other imaginable activity a police officer may face.

The Cops TV show has a really great theme song. The song is �Bad Boys� by Inner Circle. The lyrics go like this, �Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha going do when they come for you.�

One of the most interesting aspect of the Cops TV show is that it allow the viewer to realize that the cops are human and most of them really do want to help people and that they get just a frustrated with all of the problems in our laws and justice system as the rest of us do. It gives the audience a chance to see what real policemen around the country actually do for a living. The vast differences between urban and rural are graphically shown.

The Cops TV show is still one of the most popular TV shows with continually high ratings. It was only after watching the Cops TV show that I realized that one of the most dangerous things a police officer can do is stop a car on a deserted highway. The Cops TV show can be seen in syndication on both Court TV and The FX cable channel.

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