Monday, April 5, 2010

Clips of Stuart on Mad TV

Clips of Stuart on mad TV can be found for sale and viewable for free on several websites. Stuart is a fictional little boy on the television program MAD TV. The ironic twist so typical of Mad TV is that Stuart is played by adult actor, Michael McDonald. Stuart is McDonald�s creation. In the Clips of Stuart on mad TV, he is usually accompanied by his mother. She is constantly yelling at him for pulling all of the annoying little things young children do that get them in trouble with parents. One of the recurrent issues is his love of junk food that he lies to his mother about when she catches him eating it. Stuart is also extremely pale like someone who is either really sick or is an albino.

If you watch the Clips of Stuart on mad TV, you will understand why this character is either loved or hated by the viewing audience. Everyone seems to have very strong opinions about Stuart. His appearance as an adult man who acts like a 7 year old child is usually pretty funny. What, I suspect, enrages many people about Stuart, is that a lot of adult we know tend to act the same way about some thing. Stuart hides how many cookies he eats from Mommy. Many Adults hide how many beers they drink or cigarettes they smoke.

Other Clips of Stuart on mad TV can be found on any of the websites that offer Mad TV video clips. Mad TV is a comedy sketch show based on MAD magazine. It trademark is the presentation of zany, sarcastic and cutting parodies of movies, TV shows, popular bands, singers and politicians. The program airs on FOX on Saturday opposite Saturday Night Live and consistently beats SNL in the rating among the 18 to 49 year old viewers.

In case you are not familiar with Mike McDonald�s character Stuart on mad TV, Clips of Stuart on mad TV can be found at this site, You will find it has several Clips of Stuart on mad TV for you to watch.

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