Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny TV Commercials

There have been several funny TV commercials created over the years. Some of them are so silly there are hilarious others are ironic and some are sarcastic. Here is a list of some of the funny TV commercials

Carlton Draught Beer � This was a huge and very successful funny TV commercials production designed to sell Carlton draught beer.

Starbucks Coffee TV Commercial � This commercial feature Rock band Survivor (�Eye of the Tiger). The premise is that the band is a big follower of coffee. This is a very funny TV commercials featuring Jimi Jamison and the group.

Mountain Dew TV funny TV Commercials � This one features Steven Segal, the karate movie star at a local convenience store where he spoofs his action hero image while promoting mountain dew.

Pepsi "We Will Rock You" Gladiator Commercial � this one feature star performers Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Pink, and Enrique Iglesias in one of Pepsi�s epic proportion and funny TV commercials.

"Wardrobe Malfunction" � Budweiser shows what really happened in the Censored Budweiser TV Commercial before Janet Jackson's notorious wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl in a very funny TV commercials spoof.

" The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman " - Jerry Seinfeld and Superman pal around for American Express in elongated very funny TV commercials originally made for the Internet.

Miller Lite�s "Catfight" � this male fantasy and very funny TV commercial was pulled from many station and shows after some people protested.

Nike Shoe�s "The Streaker � these very funny TV commercials depicts a naked man streaking through a soccer stadium.

Suburban Trunk Monkey TV Commercials � These are very funny TV commercials even if they are totally ridiculous and preposterous. The trunk monkey is a driver�s secret weapon to ward off evil or just plain annoying stuff.

"Tigershack" � This very funny TV commercials come from American Express. It's a Tiger Woods' version of "Caddyshack," playing golf, fighting Mr. Gopher.

"The Angry Chicken" ("Le Poulet en Colere") � This is a rather black commercial fro Nike where two men are running from man eating chicken. The moral of the story you don�t need to be faster than everyone only at least one other person.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

LCD TV Ratings

Interested in buying a LCD (liquid crystal display) television. Let�s take a look at 17 LCD tv ratings. We chose 17 LCD tv ratings because this is one of the most popular sizes. The 17, of course, stands for 17 inches.

The first thing to look at when considering 17 LCD tv ratings is the popularity of brands. Which brands are selling best. Which models within these brands do buyers prefer.

But there is one huge problem when considering these 17 LCD tv ratings. They change overnight. A particular brand and model may be highly touted in 17 LCD tv ratings and end up not even being shipped the next month. So always make certain your 17 LCD tv ratings are as up-to-date as possible.

The reason that 17 LCD tv ratings become obsolete so quickly is due to the continuing introduction of new advances. In fact, in the world of television, the LCD field is probably changing more rapidly than any other.

Here are some things to look for when consulting 17 LCD tv ratings.

Of primary importance is picture quality. This is one of the first considerations you�ll find in most 17 LCD tv ratings. Normally the picture quality will be very good but there are always exceptions.

Another factor you�ll also find listed within 17 LCD tv ratings is the ease of using controls. Are they convenient to reach and simple to adjust?

Design also comes in for a close look within 17 LCD tv ratings. Because LCD sets are only a few inches deep, they are often incorporated into a room as a design element. So it�s important that the television has sleek lines and an attractive appearance.

There are, of course, a number of other factors that go into any 17 LCD tv ratings. However this covers the most important ones you�ll want to consider.

And having said all that, our next piece of advice is to avoid totally relying on 17 LCD tv ratings. Yes...17 LCD tv ratings provide valuable guidelines. Yes...17 LCD tv ratings should be carefully studied. But the final buying decision should never be made without actually seeing the model you are considering. The person compiling the 17 LCD tv ratings may not have the same taste in design and quality that you do. So don�t let others be the sole decision maker for you. See the unit you are interested in...try it. Then and only then, buy it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

12 Volt TV Flat Screen

Miss your satellite television when traveling? Then a 12 volt tv flat screen is the perfect addition to your �in-motion� satellite system. As long as you are in an area where a satellite signal is available, your 12 volt tv flat screen provides you with the same viewing options you left behind in your living room.

The modern 12 volt tv flat screen has a number of features that makes it easy and convenient to use on the road. For example, if the kids are in the back watching a 12 volt tv flat screen and you pass through an area where the signal is limited, the tv will tell the kids and you can be certain they�ll tell you. Particularly if their favorite show is momentarily lost. that�s not such a big plus. After all, you don�t want the kids yelling at you that their 12 volt tv flat screen television no longer works. But it�s just one of several ways that 12 volt tv flat screen televisions try to be helpful.

One of the really nice things about the 12 volt tv flat screen television sets is their ability to be mounted almost anywhere. You can suspend them from cabinets, put them in the kitchen or use them as framed wall hangings in the bedroom portion of an RV.

Of course, when talking about mounting 12 volt tv flat screen televisions in an RV, you always want to do just that. However, if mounting isn�t possible or practical, they should be stabilized on a counter or table. In case of a sharp curve or sudden stop, you don�t want your 12 volt tv flat screen television to suddenly become airborne.

Something else that should not even have to be mentioned is never mount a 12 volt tv flat screen television in the driver�s compartment. But still, some people do. To say that this is a distraction to the driver is an understatement. In truth, it is a disaster in the making. There are enough accidents caused by people talking on a cell phone or trying to check their paging system without adding tv to the mix.

If you�re looking for entertainment on the road, particularly in an RV, there is no better option than a 12 volt tv flat screen television. And in addition to providing television programming,12 volt tv flat screen televisions can also be used with video accessories such as a DVD player and a game-console. Whoever said, "You can�t take it with you," obviously never heard of a 12 volt tv flat screen television.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Design and Mixing for Television Commercials

Design and mixing for television commercials refers to the process of deciding what sounds to use to augment the video to create the moods and environment needed by the commercial. You know that music can make you anxious so that you will jump when something happens in a commercial. That is because music has a profound effect on people�s emotions. So if a commercial is about something sad, a good engineer for design and mixing for television commercials will softly play very sad music before the crucial moment to get the audience in the right frame of mind so the commercial has the maximum emotional effect.

Originally there was no design and mixing for television commercials because everything was broadcast live. However, the film industry had been recording sound for movies for many years. They used a system called a vitaphone, which was basically a microphone that was attached to a phonograph that cut a master recording of the sound. Of course that meant that no mixing was possible which limited everything to one-take scenes. Meanwhile, Warner Brothers Studios was experimenting with creating multiple phonograph recordings and intercutting between the master recordings. The first sound mixing console created by Warner Brothers is on display in the Warner Brother�s studio museum. It was used to create the movie �The Jazz Singer� in the 1920s.

Then the sound on film process was developed which allowed the sound to be recorded directly on the film in a linear sequence on a separate track from the video. This made mixing and re-sequencing possible. This invention made design and mixing for television commercials possible. Then they replaced the optical sound recording with magnetic recording which made further adjustments possible. Now the sound engineer could modify different aspects of the sounds as well as mix them together. Magnetic recording also reduced the signal-to noise ration on each recording so more different recordings could be played simultaneously without causing too much distortion.

The design and mixing for television commercials process works like this:
� Individual groups of sounds are recorded on separate tracks. Dialogue, music, background sound, etc will all be separate groups.
� Each group may contain multiple recordings that are mixed into a single group track.
� Group tracks may be mixed in one group at a time. This is called pre-dubbing.
� Then all of the group tracks are then �dubbed� or mixed onto a final sound track.

The design and mixing for television commercials for optical sound tracks was limited to eight tracks, 200 magnetic recording tracks could be mixed together, aided by Dolby noise reduction technology. Over a thousand digital recordings can be mixed together. The design and mixing for television commercials has come a long way since it was first used.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Direct TV

Direct TV is digital quality television that is broadcast by an earth station to a satellite that orbits the earth in a geo-synchronous orbit. The satellite then rebroadcasts the program where it is picked up by the users dish and is sent to their TV set. The Direct TV service started in 1994. It was an immediate hit with consumers and became one of the fastest selling new electronic innovation in history beating out color TVs and CD players.

Direct TV requires that the broadcaster have an earth station that can transmit the TV programs to the satellite. The satellite is in a geo-synchronous orbit above the earth. That means it is 22,000 above the equator and traveling at the same speed as the earth rotates which keeps it in the same location relative to the ground. Being is the same location is imperative to maintaining continuous broadcast capability. The FCC has granted licenses for three orbital locations.

Direct TV uses six satellites to rebroadcast TV programs to its subscribers. One of the satellites is a special type of satellite called a spot beam broadcasting satellite. The spot beam can individually target specific areas of the US to deliver local programming. It uses five antennas and multiple data feeds. The spot beam also require a special physical shape to do it job properly. These satellites were built by Hughes Electronic and LORA Corporation.

Direct TV works with a small 18-inch dish containing an integrated receiver, decoder and remote control that receives the satellite signals and separates the channels, then decompresses, translates and performs the digital to analog conversion needed so that a standard television set can understand the signal.

Direct TV has state of the art earth stations in Castle Rock, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. When all of the local and network programs are received by the earth stations, they are immediately digitized, encrypted, compressed and then up linked (transmitted) to the satellite. The satellite then rebroadcasts the signal to the millions of roof top dishes belonging to its subscribers.

Direct TV uses MPEG2 to encode its video signal. MPEG is a standardized algorithm that encodes and decodes video signals. MPEG2 is the most recent version and only used by those on the cutting edge of the technology. Direct TV has over 255 channels and a variety of packages for subscriber to choose from.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dallas Television Stations

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Arlington:
� Channel 42 KPXD-DT a PAX affiliate
� Channel 68 KPXD a PAX affiliate

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Dallas:
� Channel 4 KDFW a Fox
� Channel 8 WFAA an ABC affiliate
� Channel 9 WFAA-DT an ABC affiliate
� Channel 13 KERA a PBS affiliate
� Channel 14 KERA-DT a PBS affiliate
� Channel 27 KDFI an independent broadcasting station
� Channel 32 KDAF-DT a WB affiliate
� Channel 33 KDAF a WB affiliate
� Channel 35 KDFW-DT a FOX affiliate
� Channel 36 KDFI-DT an independent broadcasting station
� Channel 39 KXTX a TEL affiliate
� Channel 40 KXTX-DT a TEL affiliate
� Channel 44 KLEG an independent broadcasting station
� Channel 45 KDTX-DT a TBN affiliate
� Channel 46 KJJM-LP a FN affiliate
� Channel 57 K57IG a MMTV affiliate
� Channel 58 KDTX a TBN affiliate

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Dcatur:
� Channel 29 KMPX a Daystar affiliate

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Denton:
� Channel 2 KDTN a PBS affiliate
� Channel 43 KDTN-DT a PBS affiliate

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Irving:
� Channel 48 KSTR-DT a TeleFutura affiliate
� Channel 49 KSTR a TeleFutura affiliate

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Fort Worth:
� Channel 5 KXAS an NBC affiliate
� Channel 11 KTVT a CBS affiliate
� Channel 18 KTXA-DT a UPN affiliate
� Channel 19 KTVT-DT a CBS affiliate
� Channel 21 KTXA a UPN affiliate
� Channel 41 KXAS-DT a NBC affiliate
� Channel 51 KFWD-DT an independent broadcasting station
� Channel 52 KFWD an independent broadcasting station

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Garland:
� Channel 4 KUVN-DT a UNI affiliate
� Channel 23 KUVN a UNI affiliate

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Lake Dallas:
� Channel 54 KLDT-DT an independent broadcasting station
� Channel 55 KLDT an independent broadcasting station

The Metro Dallas television stations include the following Dallas television stations located in Mesquite:
� Channel 60 KATA-LP an AI affiliate

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DLP Protection TV

DLP protection TV was introduced in 1996 by Texas Instruments. DLP stands for digital light processing. This is the first technology that can deliver a television picture completely digitally. Huh? Doesn�t digital satellite and digital cable TV systems do that? No, they don�t. Both digital satellite and digital cable systems have to convert the signal into an analog waveform at some point in the transmission process. DLP uses digital micro mirror devices (DMDs) to literally reflect the digital information as a series of red, blue and green light pulses.

Each frame of a movies is first separated into it red, green and blue components. Then the color map is digitized into samples for each color. Each DMD has a 1280 by 780 matrix (1280 mirrors wide and 780 mirrors high) of individual micro mirrors. The digitized color is sent to a backlit color wheel and the mirrors reflect the correct amount of the proper color based on how much color is written into the color stream of the digital video signal for each frame. Or to put that in plain English, a dlp protection TV reflects each pixel of a frame of a movie off one of the 921,600 micro mirrors in the DMD matrix.

It is the magnificent optical equipment present in the human eye and brain that actually read the digitized color image projected by dlp protection TV. The signal is digital, meaning distinct tiles of individual colors, when it is put on the viewing screen. Our brains do the digital to analog conversion so we can see a perfectly clear integrated picture. Compared to the human brain, the fastest supercomputer is a snail chasing a cheetah.

The next step in dlp technology for the dlp protection TV is to figure out a way to send the entire signally optically so the colored light is never turned into an electrical signal. Total optical transmission would result in pictures of such intense color and visual acuity that it will make high definition look as lame as analog TV looks when compared to digital. Totally optical dlp protection TV is out there on the horizon just waiting to be invented.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Download Japanese TV Commercials

Download Japanese TV commercials is one way of watching them since they are usually only available to other audience around the world as a special on TV commercials. Even then they only usually show the �best� or �funniest� or �weirdest� download Japanese TV commercials.

Have you ever commented to someone you were watching television with that the commercials were actually better than the show sponsoring them. I suspect almost everyone has said that at some time or another. Were you kidding? Probably not, since some of the download Japanese TV commercials are pretty good entertainment.

Since the advent of VCRs, advertisers have been concerned about people just not bothering to watch TV commercials. Download Japanese TV commercials are no exception. Now with the advent of TiVo and other digital recorders, they are moving more into a panic mode. Will television networks be able to continue to charge their outrageous fees to air commercials if viewers can eliminate or fast forward though them? Since the Television networks depend almost exclusive on advertising revenue for earnings, they have plenty of reason to be concerned.

This concern seems to have turned into true panic in Japan. Whether people download Japanese TV commercials or not, Japanese broadcaster are saying that skipping commercials is a violation of Japan�s copyright law. Huh? Not watching a program or not reading part of a book violates copyright law? I will be very interested to see how that legal battle turns out. Meanwhile cooler heads in Japan have designated August 28 as national �TV Commercial Day�. They will spend that day trying to convince the Japanese people what all of the benefits of TV advertising are. If they don�t need to purchase cable or satellite service to get decent reception there are obvious benefits. But for the hundreds of millions of people who pay for their TV reception, it will be a hard sell.

I love to download Japanese TV commercials because I find them to be extremely entertaining. My favorites are the pokemon commercials. I could sit and watch them as pure entertainment for hours. If you share my love of these unusual commercials or any other Japanese commercials, go to This is a website where you can download Japanese TV commercials.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earthchanges TV

EarthChanges TV was started by Mitch Battros as a syndicated television show in 1995. In November 2002, he switched to radio broadcasting and presents a �live� one hour broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 PM to 10 PM (Pacific). You can tune into this show via the internet any time you like. Mitch started EarthChanges TV after experiencing an earthquake near his home in Seattle Washington. The quake measured 5.3 on the Richter scale. He decided to devote his time and talents to helping people prepare for future earth changing events. After receiving the necessary training, Mitch joined the Emergency Management Office and currently conducts field trainings.

EarthChanges TV�s Mitch Battros has the following professional credentials:
� M.S. in Psychology w/ special studies in Cognitive, Behavioral and Existentialism
� N.A.D.A. Certified Acupuncturist, Specializing in Anxiety, Stress and Addiction
� Certified Trauma Resolution Therapist
� Member of the Red Cross Disaster Team - mental health unit
� Field Trainer with the King County Emergency Management Office
� Dual Diagnosis/Chemical Dependency Specialist
� Chief Editor of "Earth News" Newsletter
� Producer of "Earth Changes TV"
� Author of �Solar Rain� and �Cosmic Rain�

EarthChanges TV is multimedia presentation detailing the fact the earth changing events are very real and increasing in frequency. (The Tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico do seem to back up that belief.) He is working hard to define the changes people are likely to encounter as theses events escalate and increase in severity. Mitch is one of the leading researchers of the Sun-Earth connection. He has postulated that there is a 48 to 72 hour causal effect to �weather� measured in hours, days and weeks. His scientific paper has caused the scientific community to rethink the decades old climate theory which is measured in decades, centuries and millennia. His equation is really quite simple as shown below where => stands for causes:

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption

On the Earth Changes TV program, Mitch Battros interviews many of the top scientists in the world quizzing them on subjects related to �earth sciences� and �space weather�. He has also interviewed experts in theology, quantum physics and ancient history. He seems to be driven to share his beliefs with the rest of the world. EarthChanges TV seems like a program that just might be worth exploring.

Friday, April 16, 2010

CSI Television Show

The CSI television show is all about Crime Scene Investigation. The program takes place in Las Vegas and centers on the CSI team of the Las Vegas Police Department and the crimes they investigate. It is a police drama with a twist. Instead of interviewing witnesses and pursuing criminals, the dedicated forensic scientists of the crime lab pursue the physical evidence that will provide irrefutable proof of how the crime was committed and hopefully who did it as well. When the CSI television show first debuted six years ago, it took off. Apparently there was a segment of the audience for a show that provided hard scientific information coupled with drama and a peek into how a crime scene investigation team actually works.

CSI uses very graphic pictures of grisly crime scenes and full color autopsies that, although they may shock the audience, don�t drive them away. In fact, the audience seems to want more. Set in the 24-hour city of Las Vegas, there is never a lack of visitors in addition to the locals that manage to get themselves into trouble that usually leads to their untimely demise. That fact keeps the CSI television show team busy trying to figure out exactly what happened. In the real world, a CSI needs to be both a policeman and a scientist and all of the characters on the show are both.

The CSI television show cast includes the following characters:
� Gil Grissom � Grissom (played by William Petersen) is the head of the crime lab team and a reclusive forensic scientist that hates playing politics.
� Catherine Willows � Willows (played by Marg Helgenberger) is a single parent who paid her way through college working as a Las Vegas showgirl.
� Warrick Brown � Brown (played by Gary Dourdan) is a former gambling addict that cleaned up his act right before he was about to lose his job.
� Nick Stokes � Stokes (played by George Eads) is the son of wealthy parents who don�t totally approve of his career choice.
� Sara Sidle � Sidle (played by Jorja Fox) has a troubled past as an abused child that led her into police work but sometimes gets in her way and causes her problems.
� Greg Sanders � Sanders (played by Eric Szmanda) was a DNA expert who wanted to get into fieldwork and finally qualified for fieldwork.
� Dr. Al Robbins � Dr Robbins (played by Robert David Hall) is the chief medical examiner.
� Captain Jim Brass � Captain Brass (played by Paul Guilfoyle) is a Las Vegas homicide detective that usually works with the CSI team.

Like any good drama series, the CSI television show has a sub story line that follow the personal lives of all the major characters as well as the new cases every week. Tune in to CBS on Thursday to watch the CSI television show.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Economics of Television Syndication

The economics of television syndication is based on deficit financing. I bet you thought that the government was the only one who used deficit financing. This is the way it works. Someone gets an idea for a TV show. The do a creative brief and them try and pitch their ideas to the network executives. If a network buys their idea, the network provides most, but not all, of the money to develop of the idea. In other words, the network foots most of the bill to create the pilot. In exchange for their contribution, the network gets exclusive rights to air the program for a specific number of episodes. When that time period has expired, the production company is free to sell the show to anyone who is interested in airing it. That selling is called syndication. In fact, production companies have to sell the airing rights to get back the part of the production cost they paid as well as to make a profit. That is how deficit financing fits into the economics of television syndication.

What do you think happens to the economics of television syndication if there is no market for future airings? Huh, you say, why wouldn�t there be a market? After all we are still watching 50 year old reruns. That may be true for dramas, sit coms and even game, variety and talk shows. But what about reality shows and other programs that depend on the drama and suspense of the viewer not knowing who wins or who survives? Unfortunately, most of these reality shows cost as much as the traditional scripted show to produce.

Another problem is that with so many channels available, most shows are rerun so often that viewers quickly lose interest. After all, no matter how much you like a program, how many times are you willing to watch the same episode? I�m a big Law & Order fan. With over 300 episodes, they can run a different episode every day without repeating any of them. Even so, I�m beginning to lose interest in watching because I remember too much of the program from the last time I watched it. When you add DVD sales, the deficit economics of television syndication is causing the market value for each individual show to decrease.

For all of these reasons, the deficit economics of television syndication is under attack throughout the TV industry. If a solution is not found, there may not be constant new programs for us to watch. That could result in the entire industry collapsing. Even if that possibility is remote, it is a serious enough concern to get the best minds in the entertainment industry working on developing a new model for the economics of television syndication.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fake TV Stars

There is actually an entire industry that supplies fake TV stars. I suppose that should not be surprising, but I have to admit, it surprises me. I have always been aware of the Elvis impersonators and the occasional celebrity look alike contests. In fact I even attended an Elvis impersonator�s show when I was in Las Vegas a few years back. What I find hard to understand is that there are people willing to pay these fake TV stars to appear at certain functions. Do they tell the guests that they are impersonators like the Elvis impersonators do or do they try to pretend they really are the celebrity?

There are dozens of talent agencies that provide fake TV stars look alikes for almost any kind of event. Some examples of the kind of events you might want to hire a look alike to appear at are:

� Press Product Launches
� Consumer Product Launches
� Television and Media campaigns
� Celebrity impersonators for Conferences and Exhibitions
� Retail Store openings
� Shopping Mall and Markets
� In Store branding promotions
� Private parties
� Company holiday parties
� Corporate hospitality rooms
� Charity

Apparently many people hire fake TV stars like the sexy Halley Berry or Shania Twain lookalikes. Celebrity Impersonators by Elyse, started in 1992, advertises a �Grammy-winning Shania Twain shows with celebrity look alikes and celebrity sound alikes�. Another agency advertises �Look alikes create a buzz at any event. They are perfect for marketing and publicity stunts or to just to get heads turning. Like tribute bands and artists the look alike industry has boomed over the past few years and celebrity doubles are to be found in many different arenas�.

This year the Elyse Del Francia-Goodwin�s 5th Annual Celebrity Impersonator Convention was held at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. Hundreds of fake TV stars look alikes came from all over the world for a convention that is primarily a marketing event for the fake TV stars. The convention allows the fake TV stars look alikes to strut their stuff before the media, talent buyers and potential managers in hopes of getting future bookings.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cops TV Show

In 1989, a new type of TV program was introduced. The producers put a TV camera inside a police car and the Cops TV show was born. The Cops TV show was the very first reality show to air on television.

The Cops TV show is filmed in the Cinema Verit� style of documentary filming. There is no narration or explanation for what is happening. The actual footage shot must be sufficient to tell the story. As a result, the officers will frequently explain things sometimes before, during or after the actual events happen.

Each week on Cops TV show, the cameras are put into a car from a different police department somewhere in the United States. The audience gets to ride along with the police officers as they go about their normal daily activities. Over the years, audiences have witnessed police saving a drowning child, delivering a baby in the back of the police car, drug arrests, domestic disputes, drunk drivers being arrested and almost every other imaginable activity a police officer may face.

The Cops TV show has a really great theme song. The song is �Bad Boys� by Inner Circle. The lyrics go like this, �Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha going do when they come for you.�

One of the most interesting aspect of the Cops TV show is that it allow the viewer to realize that the cops are human and most of them really do want to help people and that they get just a frustrated with all of the problems in our laws and justice system as the rest of us do. It gives the audience a chance to see what real policemen around the country actually do for a living. The vast differences between urban and rural are graphically shown.

The Cops TV show is still one of the most popular TV shows with continually high ratings. It was only after watching the Cops TV show that I realized that one of the most dangerous things a police officer can do is stop a car on a deserted highway. The Cops TV show can be seen in syndication on both Court TV and The FX cable channel.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fantasy Channel Television X

Fantasy channel television x is a British TV hard core porno channel. This television station is available over the internet in the Americas and over regular TV services in Europe. As is common practice in Europe, Television x routinely broadcasts live sex programs. Due to popular demand, Television x is providing an extra hour of live sex starting at 11 pm daily. The station also operates a live sex chat line that can be reached either by telephone or text messaging. Fantasy channel television x offers everything any one who likes to watch other people having sex could want in a TV station.

Fantasy channel television x is a subscription TV channel. Members must first subscribe to the channel. The subscription fee ranges from �9.99 to �11 ($18.50 to $20.50 USD) a month for their services. Television x is one of the most popular adult television stations in Europe. With total internet access available world wide, they may well become the most popular adult station in the English speaking world.

Fantasy channel television x 2 is a second channel, provided as part of the subscription service that features amateurs having live sex on TV. They also offer many filmed amateurs programs as well. In fact, Television x even offers a payment of �250 (approximately $465 USD) to anyone if they use your tape on the air. So if you are proud of your body and tape your own sexual performances, you may want to submit one of your tapes for consideration.

Fantasy channel television x 3 is a third channel, provided as part of the subscription service, that features the best sex films from across the pond or as we in the US say, from America. They promise that they are the first British TV station to carry these American porno films.

Fantasy channel television x has added a BRAND NEW interactive channel called Xtra. This new channel is available through Television X, Sky channel 969 and is a free addition to their existing service. Television Xtra offers a different theme every week to meet the viewer�s sexual fantasy needs. They provide almost everything including Teenage Tarts, Senior Sex and the Best of British Anal Whores. Therefore, if porno is your thing, Fantasy channel television x is the station for you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Controversial Television Advertising

Controversial television advertising has always been an issue for the networks to deal with. You know the old saying, it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. But, that is exactly what the TV networks try to do�please all of the people all of the time. Talk about impossible goals. There is an entire department at each of the major television networks whose only function is to screen all advertising to find and , in most cases, eliminate, controversial television advertising.

So, what constitutes controversial advertising? It could be almost anything since controversy is in the mind of the listener. Cigarette advertising was a staple of television for many years. But, when the surgeon general announced that smoking was hazardous to your health, public opinion began to change. Eventually as fewer and fewer adults smoked and as children�s advocates push the idea that the glitzy TV advertising was encouraging children to start smoking, smoking became controversial. Finally, all advertisements that promoted tobacco use in any form were banned from television.

A similar thing happened with alcohol consumption. As drinking again became an issue in society, the wheels began to turn that would make alcohol related promotions controversial television advertising. However, the beer and liquor manufacturers �headed it off at the pass� and prevented suffering the same fate as the tobacco advertisers. That is why every beer or liquor commercials always mention that you should always use their product responsibly, that is should only be used by those legally old enough to drink, and that you should never drink and then operate a motor vehicle. By adding all of these disclaimers, which may be a written warning displayed on screen or actually part of the commercial, although still a subject of controversy, alcoholic beverages are still being advertised on TV.

There has always been controversy over ads that specifically target children. Children are much more impressionable and can have their beliefs formed by what they watch on TV. All child-related advertising is considered controversial television advertising. Since, as a society, we have enacted laws to protect children in others aspects of life such as mandatory child seats, it makes sense to not allow inappropriate advertising aimed specifically at children to be aired.

The most controversial television advertising has always been ads using sex to sell everything from beer to watches and everything in between. But the hallmark of good advertising is to appeal to a viewer�s wants, needs, hopes and fears. Since sex is an important aspect of human life, using it to sell things is effective however it is still the most controversial television advertising.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Firefly TV Show

The Firefly TV show, is a television program that could best be described as a space western. The time is 500 years in the future where humanity has expanded throughout the galaxy. Firefly is the saga of the crew of a firefly class space ship named Serenity. The crew is made up of veterans of a civil war against the new unified government called �The Alliance�. Since they fought on the losing side they are considered renegades, if not outright criminals, by the prevailing authorities on the Firefly TV show.

The Firefly TV show crew, led by captain Malcolm Reynolds is attempting to survive in whatever way they can. They stick to the outlying regions of the inhabited planets to avoid the alliance troops who patrol the area. They earn their living transporting cargo and passengers between the planets. The only problem, not all of their jobs are legal.

The Firefly TV show crew consists of the following people:
� Malcolm Reynolds -- the captain who has rather flexible moral standards but a real desire to keep his crew and ship safe.
� Zoe -- a former soldier who served under the captain in the war and owes him her life
� Walsh -- the ship�s pilot and also Zoe�s husband
� Kaylee -- an engineer from a backwater planet who keeps the aging firefly class ship running
� Jayne -- a mercenary with little schooling, very doubtful morals and no loyalties to anyone other than himself but the perfect person to protect your back unless someone offers him enough money to shoot you in it.

In an effort to earn extra money after the first few episodes, the Serenity books some passengers who eventually become permanent members of the Firefly TV show crew. Two of the new crewmembers are fleeing persecution from the Alliance. These new crewmembers are:
� Simon Tam � a highly skilled surgeon from a privilege background who left his home and spent most of his inheritance to save his sister from the Alliance.
� River Tam � a genius with physic abilities that was imprisoned by and experimented on by scientists in the Alliance until rescued by her brother. There is a large reward for their capture.
� Book � a rather mysterious minister called a Shepard. Book knows way more about military tactics and fighting than a man of God should know.
� Inara -- a �Registered Companion� which basically is a high priced call girl who rents one of the ship�s shuttles as her living quarters. Companions have a very high social standing in this society so she frequently acts as the crew's Ambassador.

The Firefly TV show depicts the ongoing adventures of this rather unlikely combination of characters. Unlike other space based shows, this one does not contain any alien species and has a down home charm to it. Tune in to Scifi on Friday night to watch the Firefly TV show.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Clips of Stuart on Mad TV

Clips of Stuart on mad TV can be found for sale and viewable for free on several websites. Stuart is a fictional little boy on the television program MAD TV. The ironic twist so typical of Mad TV is that Stuart is played by adult actor, Michael McDonald. Stuart is McDonald�s creation. In the Clips of Stuart on mad TV, he is usually accompanied by his mother. She is constantly yelling at him for pulling all of the annoying little things young children do that get them in trouble with parents. One of the recurrent issues is his love of junk food that he lies to his mother about when she catches him eating it. Stuart is also extremely pale like someone who is either really sick or is an albino.

If you watch the Clips of Stuart on mad TV, you will understand why this character is either loved or hated by the viewing audience. Everyone seems to have very strong opinions about Stuart. His appearance as an adult man who acts like a 7 year old child is usually pretty funny. What, I suspect, enrages many people about Stuart, is that a lot of adult we know tend to act the same way about some thing. Stuart hides how many cookies he eats from Mommy. Many Adults hide how many beers they drink or cigarettes they smoke.

Other Clips of Stuart on mad TV can be found on any of the websites that offer Mad TV video clips. Mad TV is a comedy sketch show based on MAD magazine. It trademark is the presentation of zany, sarcastic and cutting parodies of movies, TV shows, popular bands, singers and politicians. The program airs on FOX on Saturday opposite Saturday Night Live and consistently beats SNL in the rating among the 18 to 49 year old viewers.

In case you are not familiar with Mike McDonald�s character Stuart on mad TV, Clips of Stuart on mad TV can be found at this site, You will find it has several Clips of Stuart on mad TV for you to watch.