Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Charmed The TV Show

Charmed, the TV show, is a TV program that airs on the WB network every Sunday night. The program is currently in it seventh season. Charmed, the TV show, is about a family of modern day witches and the never-ending battle between good and evil. Set in the city of San Francisco, the Halliwell sisters are descended from a long line of powerful witches. The house they grew up in has been in their family for generations and sits on top of a powerful magical nexus. It is the responsibility of the Halliwell family to protect the nexus from falling under the control of warlocks or demons.

There was an ancient prophecy in the magical world, that three sisters, each an extremely powerful witch would be born in the 20th and that when together they had the power to vanquish all evil. These powerful witches were called the charmed ones. Although they are unaware of it, the Halliwell sisters are the charmed ones. And the subject of Charmed, the TV show.

On Charmed, the TV show, when the girls were little, their mother was vanquished by an evil spirit and their grandmother, a powerful witch in her own right, bound the children�s powers so the demons couldn�t sense them in an effort to protect them until they were old enough to understand the destiny of their heritage and the dangers involved. Grams had planned to unbind the girls� powers when she believed they were ready to accept the responsibility having such power involved. Unfortunately, Grams died suddenly from a heart attack.

On Charmed, the TV show, when the girls returned home to bury their grandmother, one of the sisters discovered the �Book of Shadows�, a book that recorded all of the magical knowledge of their family that had been handed down from one generation of witches to the next. She found a spell that called their powers and the sisters suddenly found themselves knee deep in demons and other evil creatures out to destroy them.

Realizing the need to keep their abilities a secret, the sisters try to lead normal lives while protecting the future of good magic from evil. Charmed, the TV show, has followed the Halliwell sisters through the various stages of their lives and the difficulties of trying to lead a normal life when you are one of the most powerful witches alive. Tune in any Sunday night to Charmed, the TV show, and check out the latest happenings in the lives of the Charmed Ones.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Format for Television Scripts

There are no set standards on how to format for television scripts. However there are some general guidelines. After you have picked the program you plan to emulate, you need to study it in excruciating detail. You need to read as many of the actual scripts as you can get. Find out what the common length of each script is. Study the style of the writing. Study the characters. Study the plots and subplots and how they are commonly merged.

The format for television scripts is exact for each episode. A 30 minute show is exactly 22 minutes and normally two acts. An hour show is 45-50 minutes and usually four acts with commercial breaks in between. You should leave an unanswered question at the end of the first three acts to entice the viewer to stick around to find out what happens.

The one hour drama
Except for paid cable network shows that don�t have commercial break, the format for television scripts must be structured around the commercial breaks. A page of scripts is approximately one minute of screen time. Therefore, a normal program script will be between 59 and 66 pages in length. The cover page should have the show�s name, episode title and writer�s name. The title page should have the show name, episode title, writer�s name and contact information. Typically there will be a teaser (2-4 pages), four acts (14-15 pages each) and a tag (1-2 pages). Each act beginning and end should be clearly marked.

Storyline structure
Follow the three Act Structure format for television scripts. Act One (usually 8-10 minutes) should set up the goal for the episode. You can create obstacles but by the end of the act main character should reach or fail to reach the goal. Act Two (usually 35-40 minutes) should complicate matters and raise the stakes for failure. Act Three (usually 3-5 minutes) is the resolution or failure. Be sure to leave some unanswered questions in the subplots to keep the audience interested.

When writing dialogue format for television scripts, there are a several things to consider such as
� Character�s age, education, ethnic and social background
� What effect will emotions have on their speech and actions
� Dialogue should move the story forward or set up the scenario
� Never explain emotions. Act them out.
� Break up speeches with actions of some sort
Hopefully this article has helped to explain the basic format for television scripts.