Monday, February 15, 2010

Television Inventor

The man usually credited, as the television inventor is Philo Taylor Farnsworth. He developed the first device that could create and manipulate an electron beam. The beam could then scan images and transmit them to a receiving device where they could be recreated on a screen. Farnsworth, television inventor, was only 21 years old at the time and could be considered one of the greatest inventors of the 20th century. Farnsworth, who died in 1971, lived long enough to see his invention become a major part of everyday life. Farnsworth�s lab was located on Green Street and he was nicknamed �The Genius of Green Street�.

Farnsworth, television inventor, demonstrated his completely operational all electronic television system on September 7, 1927. Farnsworth�s invention made television a practical reality. Prior to 1927, all image scanning and transmission was accomplished using mechanical devices. The problem was that the devices required powerful lighting that generated so much heat actors could not stand in front of them for more than a few minutes. The existing mechanical devices used a two-foot diameter spinning metal disk that broke the image into dots of light and transmitted them to another disk that put the pictures back together and displayed them on a screen.

Farnsworth�s device used an electron beam without moving parts and scanned the image by varying the beam�s current as it traversed the image. He was the television inventor but he also invented a device that only needed half the sideband bandwidth as the mechanical transmission devices. (Sideband bandwidth is a buffer area that prevents broadcast signals from interfering with each other.)

Farnsworth�s device could send pictures are a rate of 20 pictures per second so motion was easily recorded and could be displayed accurately. He used an 8000 pixel resolution for each image. His screen was a one and a quarter inches square. Financiers George Everson and Leslie Gorrell backed Farnsworth�s work. After introducing Farnsworth, television inventor, to engineers at the California Institute of Technology, who declared his idea workable, Everson and Gorrell provided the money for him to develop a prototype. The rest is history.

To answer the original question�who is the television inventor? Philo Farnsworth is the inventor of the modern electronic method of broadcasting and frequently credit as the television inventor, but many other scientists and inventors paved the way for his success.

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