Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Year Television Invented

The year television invented was 1926. The very first television broadcast was made by John Baird, an Scotsman living in London. Baird eventually went on the start the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). His television used mechanical scanning accomplished with the use of two foot in diameter spinning disks with holes cut in them in a spiral pattern so the holes could break up the light reflected off an image into rows that could be converted into sound waves and transmitted to a receiving device and the entire process was reversed. The year television invented was 1926. The picture below is an image of the first actual broadcast.

An image from J. L. Baird's Televisor

Unlike many of the other inventors working on the problem of television in the year television invented, Baird didn�t have a lot of money. He built his own scanning device. Nipkow had invented the scanner in 1884 and it was supposed to be made of two spinning metal disks working on a solid metal shaft. Baird built his disks using hatboxes that were mounted on a coffin lid. He built his device with the assistance of volunteers.

However, there is a long-standing controversy over not only the year television invented, but also over who invented it. Europeans believe that John Baird invented television. He did create the first successful broadcast. But he invented what was basically a mechanical television, using a mechanical scanning device and displaying the image on a cathode ray tube,. The cathode ray tube was invented in 1897 by Karl Braun.

In America, Philo Farnsworth was working independently on an electronic version of the scanner needed to break up the image into lines so that it could be transmitted to a receiver and converted back into an image. Farnsworth successfully transmitted am image in 1927. Americans believe that this is the year television invented.

Who is correct? The year television invented that totally used mechanical components to produce the image was 1926 in England. The year television invented that totally used electronic components to produce the image was 1927 in America. At the time, major corporations like RCA and AT&T who had very deep pockets and hundreds of employees were also working on television. The most interesting aspect is that both of these inventors were individuals with very few resources and they beat out the giant corporations.

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