Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Samsung DLP Rear Projection TV

Samsung DLP rear projection TV set is physically big. The huge screens on most of these models make things look bigger than real life. Many of these TVs come with a stand that has speakers built into them. While other models are self contained units that can sit on the floor or one of the many attractive stands available for this new breed of television set. Samsung DLP rear projection TV has an excellent picture quality. Many industry experts consider it the highest quality pictures available on this type of television set.

One of the nicest features about a Samsung DLP rear projection TV is that it is much more reasonably priced than either the LCD or Plasma TVs available. Even nicer, it has a much brighter and sharper picture. These TVs can support HDTV and DVI input because they display at a resolution of 1080i. The colors are so rich that they make any movie recorded on a DVD look absolutely spectacular�even better and richer than real life.

The Samsung DLP rear projection TV takes full advantage of Samsung�s patented DNIe picture technology. DNIe is an algorithm that analyzes any kind of video input signal regardless of it source (HD, SD, RF or DVD) and converts it to the optimal output video signal designed to work perfectly with each specific output device (flat CRT, Projection, Plasma, LCD or DLP) guaranteeing a perfect lifelike picture every time.

The Samsung DLP rear projection TV provides PC quality to a television. Most of Samsung�s model have PC inputs and can act as a very wide screen monitor. This is a hard core gamer�s paradise. These TVs can support PC input up to 1920 x 1080i which can create crystal clear text on these very large screens. Expect to see these babies in corporate conference rooms replacing the current projection screens now in use. They also have excellent sound quality. When used in a normal sized room there is no need to run the sound through the stereo system to get that �theater� quality sound. I predict that the Samsung DLP rear projection TV is going to �whip� the competition hands down.

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