Saturday, January 30, 2010

List of Television Syndication Companies

Want to have a list of television syndication companies? Quite valid, because television syndication is the process where the production companies sell their products to a single network or independent station or group of stations fro first run programming. Then they sell to any and everyone to use are reruns or second run programs. Syndication is the reason that the 55 years old �I Love Lucy� and �Honeymooners� series are still being regularly broadcast somewhere in the world today. However, there is a list of television syndication companies who only produce programs for syndication. The following is just a sample of the type of syndication available.

This is a list of television syndication companies for the topic of aging:
� AARP Broadcast News � produce a weekly video news release.
� Life in Prime Time News Reports � produce a wide variety of video subjects geared to the 50+ crowd.

This is a list of television syndication companies for the topic of business:
� Bloomberg Television produce syndicated video reports on breaking business and financial news
� Lessons in Leadership Network produce audio and video news feature reports with speakers like Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Tom Peters
� Litton - produce custom video business and financial news updates live from Wall Street's NYSE for biznet.
� Money Talks - Hosted by Stacy Johnson, a CPA who knows how to simplify complex issues and make money news fun to watch.
� The Success Journal - Hosted by veteran CBS broadcaster Chris Witting, this award-winning daily feature tells surprise-ending stories behind famous entrepreneurs and
� Consumer Reports TV News - High quality, reliable information that Consumer Reports has been publishing for more than 60 years
� Legal Edge - Three times every week author and lawyer Michel James Bryant offers 90 seconds of useful and entertaining advice

There are thousands of companies that I could put in this list of television syndication companies. Name any topic that might possibly be of interest to someone in the world and there will be a company that produces video syndicated spots for the topic. However, a complete list of television syndication companies is way beyond the scope of this article. I just wanted to give you an idea of what was available.

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