Monday, January 18, 2010

Al Gore TV

What is Al Gore TV? Apparently the former candidate for president is planning a cable news network. The rumor has it that the name will be INdTV. Gore plans to wow the youth market with his new network. He has rented space in San Francisco and rumor has it the network will launch later this year.

Tabloid rumors about the kind of programming that will be offered on Al Gore TV are pretty varied. But several insiders say that INdTV has been requesting pilots from several perspective digital correspondents. They are asking for leading edge home video. There is talk about democratizing the news on television by showing �real Life� video. I assume by real life they mean non-professional home videos.

Several of the rumored categories for Al Gore TV include the following:
� "That's F*&#ed Up� - this segment is supposed to be about something that the person who submitted the video thought was really odd or just something they don�t like and want an opportunity to rant about on the air.
� "INdTV Paparazzi� � this segment will air tapes that get someone famous or almost famous to offer an opinion on something that is of interest to the general public. It may even air quotes that are just entertaining or clever. Who knows?
� "Citizen Reporter� � This will allow the film maker to tell a news story from the viewers point of view with out written scripts, teleprompter, makeup artists, etc. They say in the request for pilots that humor and honesty will be a winner in this segment.
� "All-Nighter� � This is just live news that happens between 2 and 5 am. The request for pilots says humor and real interest are what they want.
� "State of the Union� � this segment will allow average citizens to give mock state of the union addresses.
� "Addicted� � They are asking for first person confessions but caution that no x-rated material will be accepted.
� "INdTV Is The New Black� � they will be accepting segments on what people think will be the next trends and fads in any aspect of life

The cable channel, which Gore and his partners purchased for 70 million dollars to start Al Gore TV does not plan to pay the contributors for their submissions unless they actually use them. Reportedly, if they do use the submission, INdTV will pay $200, which grants INdTV all exclusive rights to the video for eternity. So, will Al Gore TV become a reality? Even if it does, do you think anybody will actually watch Al Gore TV?

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