Saturday, January 30, 2010

List of Television Syndication Companies

Want to have a list of television syndication companies? Quite valid, because television syndication is the process where the production companies sell their products to a single network or independent station or group of stations fro first run programming. Then they sell to any and everyone to use are reruns or second run programs. Syndication is the reason that the 55 years old �I Love Lucy� and �Honeymooners� series are still being regularly broadcast somewhere in the world today. However, there is a list of television syndication companies who only produce programs for syndication. The following is just a sample of the type of syndication available.

This is a list of television syndication companies for the topic of aging:
� AARP Broadcast News � produce a weekly video news release.
� Life in Prime Time News Reports � produce a wide variety of video subjects geared to the 50+ crowd.

This is a list of television syndication companies for the topic of business:
� Bloomberg Television produce syndicated video reports on breaking business and financial news
� Lessons in Leadership Network produce audio and video news feature reports with speakers like Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Tom Peters
� Litton - produce custom video business and financial news updates live from Wall Street's NYSE for biznet.
� Money Talks - Hosted by Stacy Johnson, a CPA who knows how to simplify complex issues and make money news fun to watch.
� The Success Journal - Hosted by veteran CBS broadcaster Chris Witting, this award-winning daily feature tells surprise-ending stories behind famous entrepreneurs and
� Consumer Reports TV News - High quality, reliable information that Consumer Reports has been publishing for more than 60 years
� Legal Edge - Three times every week author and lawyer Michel James Bryant offers 90 seconds of useful and entertaining advice

There are thousands of companies that I could put in this list of television syndication companies. Name any topic that might possibly be of interest to someone in the world and there will be a company that produces video syndicated spots for the topic. However, a complete list of television syndication companies is way beyond the scope of this article. I just wanted to give you an idea of what was available.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Al Gore TV

What is Al Gore TV? Apparently the former candidate for president is planning a cable news network. The rumor has it that the name will be INdTV. Gore plans to wow the youth market with his new network. He has rented space in San Francisco and rumor has it the network will launch later this year.

Tabloid rumors about the kind of programming that will be offered on Al Gore TV are pretty varied. But several insiders say that INdTV has been requesting pilots from several perspective digital correspondents. They are asking for leading edge home video. There is talk about democratizing the news on television by showing �real Life� video. I assume by real life they mean non-professional home videos.

Several of the rumored categories for Al Gore TV include the following:
� "That's F*&#ed Up� - this segment is supposed to be about something that the person who submitted the video thought was really odd or just something they don�t like and want an opportunity to rant about on the air.
� "INdTV Paparazzi� � this segment will air tapes that get someone famous or almost famous to offer an opinion on something that is of interest to the general public. It may even air quotes that are just entertaining or clever. Who knows?
� "Citizen Reporter� � This will allow the film maker to tell a news story from the viewers point of view with out written scripts, teleprompter, makeup artists, etc. They say in the request for pilots that humor and honesty will be a winner in this segment.
� "All-Nighter� � This is just live news that happens between 2 and 5 am. The request for pilots says humor and real interest are what they want.
� "State of the Union� � this segment will allow average citizens to give mock state of the union addresses.
� "Addicted� � They are asking for first person confessions but caution that no x-rated material will be accepted.
� "INdTV Is The New Black� � they will be accepting segments on what people think will be the next trends and fads in any aspect of life

The cable channel, which Gore and his partners purchased for 70 million dollars to start Al Gore TV does not plan to pay the contributors for their submissions unless they actually use them. Reportedly, if they do use the submission, INdTV will pay $200, which grants INdTV all exclusive rights to the video for eternity. So, will Al Gore TV become a reality? Even if it does, do you think anybody will actually watch Al Gore TV?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Year Television Invented

The year television invented was 1926. The very first television broadcast was made by John Baird, an Scotsman living in London. Baird eventually went on the start the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). His television used mechanical scanning accomplished with the use of two foot in diameter spinning disks with holes cut in them in a spiral pattern so the holes could break up the light reflected off an image into rows that could be converted into sound waves and transmitted to a receiving device and the entire process was reversed. The year television invented was 1926. The picture below is an image of the first actual broadcast.

An image from J. L. Baird's Televisor

Unlike many of the other inventors working on the problem of television in the year television invented, Baird didn�t have a lot of money. He built his own scanning device. Nipkow had invented the scanner in 1884 and it was supposed to be made of two spinning metal disks working on a solid metal shaft. Baird built his disks using hatboxes that were mounted on a coffin lid. He built his device with the assistance of volunteers.

However, there is a long-standing controversy over not only the year television invented, but also over who invented it. Europeans believe that John Baird invented television. He did create the first successful broadcast. But he invented what was basically a mechanical television, using a mechanical scanning device and displaying the image on a cathode ray tube,. The cathode ray tube was invented in 1897 by Karl Braun.

In America, Philo Farnsworth was working independently on an electronic version of the scanner needed to break up the image into lines so that it could be transmitted to a receiver and converted back into an image. Farnsworth successfully transmitted am image in 1927. Americans believe that this is the year television invented.

Who is correct? The year television invented that totally used mechanical components to produce the image was 1926 in England. The year television invented that totally used electronic components to produce the image was 1927 in America. At the time, major corporations like RCA and AT&T who had very deep pockets and hundreds of employees were also working on television. The most interesting aspect is that both of these inventors were individuals with very few resources and they beat out the giant corporations.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Samsung DLP Rear Projection TV

Samsung DLP rear projection TV set is physically big. The huge screens on most of these models make things look bigger than real life. Many of these TVs come with a stand that has speakers built into them. While other models are self contained units that can sit on the floor or one of the many attractive stands available for this new breed of television set. Samsung DLP rear projection TV has an excellent picture quality. Many industry experts consider it the highest quality pictures available on this type of television set.

One of the nicest features about a Samsung DLP rear projection TV is that it is much more reasonably priced than either the LCD or Plasma TVs available. Even nicer, it has a much brighter and sharper picture. These TVs can support HDTV and DVI input because they display at a resolution of 1080i. The colors are so rich that they make any movie recorded on a DVD look absolutely spectacular�even better and richer than real life.

The Samsung DLP rear projection TV takes full advantage of Samsung�s patented DNIe picture technology. DNIe is an algorithm that analyzes any kind of video input signal regardless of it source (HD, SD, RF or DVD) and converts it to the optimal output video signal designed to work perfectly with each specific output device (flat CRT, Projection, Plasma, LCD or DLP) guaranteeing a perfect lifelike picture every time.

The Samsung DLP rear projection TV provides PC quality to a television. Most of Samsung�s model have PC inputs and can act as a very wide screen monitor. This is a hard core gamer�s paradise. These TVs can support PC input up to 1920 x 1080i which can create crystal clear text on these very large screens. Expect to see these babies in corporate conference rooms replacing the current projection screens now in use. They also have excellent sound quality. When used in a normal sized room there is no need to run the sound through the stereo system to get that �theater� quality sound. I predict that the Samsung DLP rear projection TV is going to �whip� the competition hands down.