Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who Invented The First Television

Who invented the first televison? That should be such an easy question to answer. However, it is anything but easy. Ever since the invention of radio, several inventors discussed and even wrote about the idea of transmitting picture components over wires. But, who invented the first television is not that easy to determine.

Inventor George Carey wrote a paper about sending picture components over multiple wires. He is credited with the conceiving the idea of using parallel transmission methods. Apparently he never actually built a device capable of doing it. Inventor W. E. Sawyer suggested the possibility of sending the image over a single wire by scanning parts of the picture in succession and transmitting each part separately. Any idea yet who invented the first television?

So through the work of both of these men, the theoretical concepts needed for the transmission of pictures was firmly established. Other engineers such as Jenkins, Ives, Alananderson and Baird built devices that used spinning disks and mirrors that could scan, transmit, and reassemble moving images. Their devices worked and were based on an idea proposed in the 1880s by Paul Nipkow of Germany. The pictures were extremely crude idea yet who invented the first television.

But, it wasn�t until December 2, 1922 when Edwin Berlin, an Englishman living in Sorbonne France demonstarated a mechanical scanning device that an actual working piece of equipment was built. Berlin holds patents for the transmission of photographs by wire, fiber optics and radar. Berlin�s device took flashes of light and directed them at a selenium element connected to a device that could produce sound waves. Then the sound waves were transmited to a receiving device and remodulated back into flashes of light on a mirror. Made up your mind about yet about who invented the first television?
So, Who Invented the First Television?
Believe it or not, the controversy had just begun. Two American inventors were working on the problem of making television a reality. One was a Russian-born American inventor named Vladimir Zworykin who worked for RCA Corporation. The other was a farm boy from Utah named Philo Farnsworth who had a private wealthy backer. As one history book puts it, �Zworykin had a patent, but Fransworth had a picture.� Any idea yet who invented the first television?

That is such a simple question�who invented the first television�with such a complex answer. Zworykin patented an electronic image-scanning device called an iconoscope in 1923. His invention was basically a primitive television camera. Farnsworth developed an electronic scanning tube and demonstrated the transmission of television signals on September 7, 1927 and received a patent for his device in 1930. Fransworth�s device created and manipulated an electron beam and didn�t use any mechanical device. Who invented the first television? I don�t know�you decide.

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