Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thomas And Friends TV Tome

Thomas and friends TV tome airs on PBS on Sunday nights at 8 pm. It is a show about the character introduced in the children�s book series, �Thomas, the Tank Engine.� The series was created by Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry in 1945 to entertain his son Christopher who was bedridden with measles. (In 1945, measles could cause blindness and deafness if it did not kill you first. Victims were made to stay in bed in a dark, quiet room.) After he finished the first book, Reverend Awdry made his son a wooden toy engine that young Christopher christened as �Thomas�. Reverend Awdry published a new Thomas book each year from 1945 until 1972 except for 1947 and 1971. His son Christopher later added 15 additional books to the series to make a total of 40 books. Thomas and friends TV tome is based on the books.

Thomas and friends TV tome is about a tank engine named Thomas and his friends who live on the Island of Sodor. The friends work on the railroad under the supervision of Sir Topham Hatt, the "Fat Controller." Each story is amusing, fun and contains a lesson for the young listener. Parents have been reading these books to their preschoolers since 1945 because they help to tech some important values to young children.

Britt Allcroft decided to turn Thomas and friends TV tome into a TV show on ITV in Britain in 1984. The show became an instant hit. In only a few months time, more than 8.5 millions viewers were watching Thomas. The program had actor and musician Ringo Starr as the narrator. In 1991, Starr was replaced by Michael Angelis who still narrates the show today. During the 1989 to 1993 time period both comedian George Carlin and Ringo Starr played Mr. Conductor.

After becoming a popular TV show, Thomas and friends TV tome spawned a complete line of videos, train sets, games and other related toys. Thomas starred in his own movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad in 2000. He also has his own amusement park in Japan. Thomas celebrated his 60th birthday in 2005. The little train has come a long was with the introduction of Thomas and friends TV tome to the world.

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