Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Television Shows From 1963

Some people consider television shows from 1963 part of the golden age of television. I just barely remember some of these programs, but the ones I have seen in reruns were pretty good and could be watched by almost every family member. Certainly there was less bad language, sex and violence in television shows from 1963.

In 193 there were almost 52 million households with TV sets. It�s hard for me to imagine anyone not owning a TV. I can understand not watching a lot of TV, but not owning one?
The following is a list of the top 30 television shows from 1963:

Top 10 television shows from 1963:
1. The Beverly Hillbillies � comedy about a family of hillbillies living in a Beverly Hills mansion
2. Bonanza � western about a wealthy rancher and his sons
3. The Dick Van Dyke Show - sitcom about a TV writer
4. Petticoat Junction � comedy about a family who owned a hotel near a train station
5. The Andy Griffith Show � sitcom about a rural town�s sheriff
6. The Lucy Show - a spin off of I love Lucy
7. Candid Camera - the original was just like the current version
8. The Ed Sullivan Show � a variety show where multiple entertainers performed each week
9. The Danny Thomas Show � sitcom about a family
10. My Favorite Martian � a comedy about an eccentric Martian visiting earth

Number 11 to 20 television shows from 1963:
11. The Red Skelton Show - a comedy starring Red Skelton
12. I've Got a Secret - a game show where celebrities tried to guess contestants secrets
13. Lassie � story about a boy and his dog. The dog was super smart and tended to always save the day
14. The Jack Benny Show - a variety show hosted by comedian Jack Benny
15. The Jackie Gleason Show - A variety show hosted by Jackie Gleason
16. The Donna Reed Show � a family sitcom.
17. The Virginian � a western drama.
18. The Patty Duke Show � a sitcom about cousins who looked like twins
19. Dr. Kildare � a medical drama.
20. Gunsmoke � a western that lasted 25 years.

Numbers 21 to 30 television shows from 1963:
21. Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color - just what it sounds like.
22. Hazel - a sitcom about a maid and the family she worked for.
23. McHale's Navy � a comedy about navy men.
24. To Tell the Truth � a game show
25. What's My Line - a game show where celebrities tried to guess contestants occupations.
26. Perry Mason � a courtroom drama.
27. My Three Sons - comedy about a father and his sons
28. The Fugitive � the series that inspired the blockbuster movies a few years ago
29. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - a family sitcom
30. The Danny Kaye Show - a variety show hosted by actor Danny Kaye

The television shows from 1963 are not all that different from what offered today. The programs are more explicit and adult oriented. But you need to remember there were only a few channels back them so the television shows from 1963 had to be more family oriented than is necessary with hundreds of channels and a special network for almost every topic.

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