Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Television Plasma & LCD Televisions

Television plasma & LCD televisions are two most popular of the newer flat screen TV sets. One of their biggest attractions is the larger possible screen size while still maintaining approximately a three inch depth so they don�t take up all the space in your living room. The smaller size means they weight considerably less than a comparable CRT TV set. So let�s look at some of the features and technical aspects of television plasma & lcd televisions.

Plasma TV Sets
Between the two, television plasma & LCD televisions, plasma TVs are available up to a 60 inch wide screen. There are larger screens made but not for the general consumer because of the extremely high cost. They have a viewing angle up to 160 degrees. Plasma TVs have excellent refresh rates which mean they can handle rapid movement smoothly. Plasma TVs can suffer from screen burn in but the newer model have a built in pixel orbitor to prevent the problem. Plasma TVs have a lifespan of approximately 40,000 hours before they fade to half of their original brightness. That equates to about 5 years for a typical household�s 10-12 hour a day usage. Plasma TVs are heavier and more fragile than LCDs and must be installed by a professional. Their fragility makes shipping much more expensive. Plasmas have nice bright displays.

Between the two, television plasma & LCD televisions, LCD TVs are available in sizes up to 50 inches wide. Larger ones exist but not for the general consumer market. They have up to 170 degree viewing angle. LCDs have a slower refresh rate which means there might be a slightly noticeable �ghost image� with extremely rapid movement. LCDS can suffer from �stuck� pixels that can cause a ghosting effect. A stuck pixel means that an area of the screen retains a charge even after it has been grounded. LCD TVs have replaceable back lit bulbs but the replacement can be almost as expensive as replacing the set. The bulbs life span is a little longer than a plasma TV set. LCDS are lighter and less fragile than plasma TV sets.

Between the two, television plasma & LCD televisions, the differences are not that great. Plasma look a little better in most environments, they have comparable life spans and picture quality. With the issue of fragility, the LCDs win hands down. With the new pixel orbitor, the plasma has an advantage since there is no easy way to remove stuck pixels. The bottom line is that between the two, television plasma & LCD televisions, it is purely a matter of individual preference.

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