Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scripts For Television Programmes

Scripts for television programmes can be found in two major varieties: fully scripted programs and semi-scripted programs. Talk shows, variety and news shows are usually semi-scripted. That means although they have a basic outline and specific timeslots for each segment, the dialogue is not pre-written or rehearsed. Writing scripts for television programmes that are fully scripted means you must list the complete audio and video contents for every minute. You need to figure out the content, balance, pace and timing before the actual writing starts. You really want to minimize as many unpleasant surprises as possible.

Let's look at two examples of writing scripts for television programmes:

An instructional video - If you wanted to do a program on how to operate a piece of software, you would need concrete step-by-step directions, carefully explained and each step shown so the viewer can understand everything you are saying. You want to use creative and interesting approaches to telling the story of how to use the software by using as humor as possible without losing sight of the fact that the purpose is to instruct the viewer in how to do something. This type of production requires you to create concrete scripts for television programmes.

Feature piece on exercise � The first challenge here is how to approach this very extensively covered subject in a creative way so that the viewer doesn�t immediately say �boooring�� We are not interested in explaining to the viewer the technical aspects of exercising. We want to appeal to the viewer�s emotions. Get them excited about exercising. We need to help them visualize themselves with a sculpted body like the ones they see in the program. Convince them they will feel great. Imply that life will be much better. In other words make them want to exercise. This type of program requires abstract scripts for television programmes.

Once you have determined what the intention of the program is going to be, you can determine who your audience will be. Once you know what your want to say and who you are talking to, it will be much easier to select exactly how you want to accomplish your goals. Scripts for television programmes should be interesting and appeal to the viewer�s emotions without boring them. You see, there is really very little difference between entertaining and selling. Both must know the audience and appeal to them on a personal level by either touching their emotions or arousing and then satisfying their curiosity. Good scripts for television programmes do this.

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