Sunday, November 8, 2009

Positive Impact of Television

A positive impact of television? Television can be considered a double-edged sword�it can be either a blessing or a curse. It depends entirely which aspect of the media you are discussing. However, there is a positive impact of television despite what the critics say.

Television has helped to level the playing field for millions of poor and rural school children. With educational channels like PBS, extremely high quality programs are available that allow teachers in the most cash poor schools to offer a wide variety of educational material to their students. Many children have never been to a museum because there isn�t one within a reasonable distance of their school. But they can take tours of the best and most complete museums with the TV set in their classroom. There is also an entire private network available to schools that offer actual classes to students, which is a positive impact of television.

This can be a godsend for middle schoolers and high school students in all of those cash and resource poor school districts around the country. Students interested in astronomy or business can listen to some of the greatest experts alive explain the subject to them. Today�s children have a broader range of general knowledge than any previous generation, in part, because of the availability and positive impact of television both at home and in school.

So are the children of today being raised with a new and different set of values from previous generations because of the prevalence and the availability of satellite television? Is this the TV Generation of the 1960s and 1970s with a new twist? Currently there are studies underway that are assessing the positive impact of television but complete answers aren't available yet. Yet, there are plenty of opinions on this volatile subject.

Admittedly, many of the programs airing on TV are garbage, others silly or mindless violent adult entertainment. But there are a lot of public service programs and discussion forums that help to keep all citizens informed about the issues that matter to most people, which is another positive impact of television. I�m not talking about news programs on the major networks because unfortunately, they tend to be slanted and controlled by people living in the northeast or on the west coast and don�t reflect what 90% of the country really cares about. Local stations and cable networks fill this void with excellent high quality unbiased programming creating a very positive impact of television.

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