Friday, October 23, 2009

Surface TV Show

The Surface TV show is a prime time combination science fiction, mystery and action adventure series. The premise is fairly simple. A new species of creature has appeared in the earth�s oceans and absolutely nobody knows anything about it. The Surface TV show follows the lives of four main characters, all of whom have had encounters with the new life form.

The first principal character on the Surface TV show is Richard Connelly. He is a Louisiana insurance salesman. He and his younger brother go spear fishing off the Louisiana coast. While they are underwater they run into something they have never seen before. Connelly is an experienced diver and hides from the strange creature. His brother is new to diving and shoots it with a spear gun and is dragged to the depths and presumably killed but no body was found.

The second principal character on the Surface TV show is Laura Daughtery. She is an oceanographer living in California who discovers that there is something new out there but when she tries to tell the world, she is shut up by a government agency. She is a single parent that becomes obsessed with finding out what is really going on.

The third principal character on the Surface TV show is Dr. Aleksander Cirko. He is a government scientist trying to keep the knowledge of this new life form secret at least until the government figures out what it is and whether it is a danger to the country or whether it can be used as a weapon against our enemies. He is killed in by his second in command who is working for a mysterious gardener.

The last principal character on the Surface TV show is Miles Bennett. Miles is a teenager living on the North Carolina coast who finds an egg from the new species and brings it home and puts it in the family�s aquarium. The egg hatches and eats all of his father expensive tropical fish. Since the creature is amphibious, Miles raises this new creature in his garage without having any idea of what it really is. He gets into trouble with his parents and the authorities because of his pet �dragon� who he named Nimrod or Nim for short. Nim has the ability to zap things with electricity similar to what some species of eel can do.

After the third Surface TV show Connelly and Daughtery team up in their quest to find out what this new creature really is. Much later in the series �Nim� is killed after he saves Miles life. The show is full of mystery and suspense. The Surface TV show created by Josh and Jonas Pate of Dragnet fame and is produced by NBC Universal Television Studios. It airs on Monday night.

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