Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stuart Mad TV

Stuart mad TV is a fictional character created by Mad TV cast member, Michael McDonald. This is McDonald�s seventh season on the show. That means that Stuart is now 7 years old. In fact, Stuart has appeared over 40 times over the lat seven years. He probably would appear more often except the producers do not want to overuse any one of character no matter how popular they are with the viewers. This is a very good policy because it keeps characters like Stuart mad TV from losing their novelty and the excitement fans feel when the character appears. Considering that the show routinely beats Saturday Night Live in the rating with the 18 to 49 year old demographic, it seems like the right call.

Stuart mad TV is a character that viewers either love or hate. His is a very strange little boy with the body of a full grown man. It is the disparity between Stuart�s physical appearance and his child like actions that make for great comedy and the love hate relationship with the audience. It really is funny to watch a full grown man steal a cookie and try to hide from his mother while eating. It is something reminiscent of the great physical comedians like Jim Carey and Dick Van Dyke. Stuart has appeared over 40 times on Mad TV over the past 10 years.

McDonald was born and raised in Orange County, California. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in, he became a loan officer at a Los Angeles bank. One night a friend took McDonald to an improve comedy show at the Grounding Theater. After seeing the show, McDonald quit his bank job. Then he enrolled in Grounding�s improve program. He played with the troupe for five years. He has TV credits for Stienfield, News Radio and Just Shoot Me and also made cameo appearances in all three Austin Powers movies. In case you are not familiar with Mike McDonald�s character Stuart mad TV, check out this site, You will find it has several video of Stuart mad TV for you to watch.

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