Friday, October 16, 2009

RCA Scenium DLP TV

The RCA scenium DLP TV is a line of high definition home theater products. These are premium grade DLP television sets. They start at a 50 inch diagonal screen size. These televisions sets are base on the Texas instrument�s DLP technology using the second generation mustang/HD 2 chip that provides improved contrast and brightness. The RCA scenium DLP TV does away with the boxy styling typical of RCA�s other television sets and has a new sleek styling making it look like the cutting edge video display machine that it truly is.

The RCA scenium DLP TV has an extremely small footprint with only a 16 inch depth. These TV sets have extremely bright displays that make them ideal for anyone who wants to watch TV during the daytime or in an brightly lit room. Of course, it performs best in a moderately lit room. However these sets are somewhat lacking in deep black levels. Of course you really only notice this when watching a black and white scene like some producers use to indicate memories.

Also, like all RCA television sets, the color are less saturated than most other manufacturers. This is not a defect but rather the way RCA designs it color palettes. However, the RCA scenium DLP TV has a series of advanced settings that can actually cause the color palette to be more saturated. So if you want to that way you can change the settings to suit your personal preferences.

The RCA scenium DLP TV comes with one of the nicest remotes I�ve used. There is a forefinger grip that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. It had an illumination mode for use in the dark which is a really nice feature. The remote also comes with learning buttons on top that can be programmed to operate almost any type of audio video equipment.

The RCA scenium DLP TV has a number of really nice built in features that add to its value. There is an integrated ATSC tuner that is cable ready. You can use the NetConnect feature to access the internet using your TV as long as you have an already established high speed internet connection (either cable or DSL). The RCA scenium DLP TV sets come with a web browser that works with the remote or an optional keyboard you can buy for about $50.

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