Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Orleans TV Stations

The New Orleans TV stations suffered millions of dollars in damage to their buildings and electronic equipment as the result of hurricane Katrina. While hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast of the United States into a water soaked pile of rubble, the local New Orleans TV stations news teams were all out in the field covering the storm. No storm of this severity had ever been seen in this country by anyone still living.

While their New Orleans TV stations studios and homes were being destroyed, the reporters, camera men and other personnel were trying to let the public know what was happening in an effort to inform them of the dangers and relay necessary information from the disaster relief teams trying to stop the flooding when the levies broke.

All though the disastrous aftermath, the New Orleans TV stations and their crews valiantly continued to bring the pictures and stories of the survivors to the American public and the rest of the world. With their base stations destroyed, many were broadcasting from nearby stations that were still operational.

It is because of the efforts of New Orleans TV stations personnel that the nation and the world got to watch the evacuation of the Gulf coast region and the poignant, sometimes sad, sometimes belligerent interviews with displaced survivors. These stories touched our emotions�hard.

New Orleans TV stations news personnel are dedicated professional who stayed and did their jobs until the National Guard came and forced them to evacuate with the rest of the residents. In the aftermath, with their national affiliate provided the hookups, the New Orleans TV stations reports kept us informed of the devastation and provided the pictures that convinced millions to send money to help the victims. We would like to thank the personnel from these local stations: ABC channel 26, FOX 8, Cox Cable, WB channel 38, WDSU channel 6, WHNO TV channel 20, WLAE channel 32, WWL-TV Channel 4, and WYES Channel 12 for doing an exemplary job at keeping us informed and putting a �human face� on one of the worst disasters to strike the US in many years.

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