Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture Of The First Television

Picture of the first television are hard to come by. The first successful television broadcast was made in 1926 by John Baird. Baird was a Scottish inventor. He had a laboratory in the Soho district of London. Like most inventors he had very little money and lived on the funds supplied by �Science� patrons, who were wealthy people with an interest in science who provided money and equipment for people Like John Baird to experiment. A picture of the first television Baird invented to make his historic transmission is not available.

Baird built his first mechanical image scanning device out of two hatboxes and a coffin lid with the aid of volunteers. His image scanning device was based on an invention by Nipkow in 1884. Basically the hatboxes served as spinning disks with holes cut into then in concentric circles. The holes cut the light the image was reflecting into rows which was picked up by the selenium coated coffin lid. The coffin lid was connected to an electric circuit that could change light into sound waves. The sound waves were then broadcast over conventional radio transmitters. The radio receiver was connected to a device that converted the sound waves back into light and then the light was transmitted to a cathode ray tube to display it on the screen. A picture of the first television used is not available.

Baird also made the first transatlantic television broadcast about a year later. John Bair went on the found the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) that is still the largest television broadcasting company in England, Scotland and Ireland. A picture of the first television sold commercially was found in a 1928 newspaper ad. The ad stated, �November 1928 - "Television at Olympia" The Model "A", is a portable instrument which contains a televisor only. The Model "B", a somewhat more elaborate instrument, which in addition to the televisor contains a loudspeaker, and finally, the Model "C", the most elaborate piece of furniture, where the lower part contains two super radio receivers, one for speech & music, and the other for television!� A picture of the first television sold by Baird�s company I shown below.

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