Saturday, September 12, 2009

OC TV Show

The OC TV show airs on the FOX network on Thursday nights and takes place in Orange County, California. Orange County is an extremely wealthy waterfront community that from the outside appears to be the most perfect place in the world to live. However, that is only the fa�ade the residents allow outsiders to see. Underneath, Orange County is a community of lies where nothing is really what it seems to be on the surface. The OC TV show chronicles the lives of two families of Orange County.

Sometime, I really would like to see a TV show about a wealthy family who were good decent people with decent moral values where the members led normal lives. I seriously doubt that will ever happen because the poor and middle class need show like The OC TV show to help them believe that being rich isn�t going to solve all of their problems. It makes the average person less envious of the wealthy. Of course, people are human and family and romantic relationships are problematic no matter what level of society you inhabit. That is a universal truth exploited by TV dramas.

The OC TV show portrays Orange County as a world of shifting loyalties where family members live secret lives they keep hidden from their family and most others as well. The main character is Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from a middle class family when gets dumped into the middle of this materially fabulous world after being invited to stay in his public defender, Sandy Cohen�s guest house for a while. Kristen, Sandy�s wife, is worried that Ryan will be a bad influence on her son, Seth. Seth is a dreamer and not very popular with the other teenagers in the OC.

The OC TV show is a story of family relationships and how three young people transition from teenager to adult. The Coopers live next door to the Cohens. Their daughter Marrissa is a beautiful girl who seems to have a very easy life. Her father is a chronic adulterer and his affairs threaten to destroy his daughter�s view of the world. The program delves into the intricacies of parent child relationships as well as the interaction between husbands and wives when dealing with their children. The OC TV show follows the lives of two families and the outside in their mist.

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