Friday, September 11, 2009


The NCIS TV show is about program about the activities and responsibilities of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS. They are basically the detective division of the Navy�s police force and investigate any crimes that involve either naval or marine personnel. NCIS operates outside the normal military chain of command because some independence is necessary to be able to investigate military personnel regardless of rank. The NCIS TV show chronicles the exploits of one of the agency�s crack teams.

The lead investigator on the NCIS TV show is a former marine sniper named Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs is a skilled investigator who is smart, tough and willing to bend, but not break, the rules in order to get the job done. Gibbs has been married several times and spends his off duty hours building a boat in his basement using hand tools. The boat seems to be a form of therapy for Gibbs.

Working under Gibbs on the NCIS TV show is Agent Anthony Dinozzo who is a former homicide detective from Baltimore who joined NCIS a few years ago and has all the street smarts you would expect from a city cop. Dinozzo considers himself a �player� and wines and dines the ladies and lives for his car

The NCIS TV show has a very gifted forensic scientist in Agent Abby Sciuto. Abby is a Goethe and wears the black clothes and makeup and has all of the weirdness you would expect from someone who embraces the Goethe lifestyle. For example, she sleeps in a coffin.

The NCIS TV show has an eccentric medical in Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard. Ducky is an English gentleman who can go on and on about the most unrelated topics while performing autopsies.

Last season on the NCIS TV show, Agent Caitlin Todd, a former secret service agent assigned to protect the president was killed while chasing a Hamas terrorist. She has been replaced by Ziva David, an Israeli Mosad agent on loan to the NCIS. Ziva is smart, ruthless and also somewhat funny as she frequently makes blunders due to cultural differences.

The NCIS TV show has agent Tim McGee as a balance to Dinozzo. McGee is an MIT graduate and a computer nerd whose skills compliment Abby�s and really give them an advantage over the criminals they routinely deal with. To add more spice to the NCIS TV show, this season NCIS got a new director, Jenny Shepard, who is a former black ops agent who both worked with Gibbs and was his former lover. All in all NCIS is an excellent TV program.

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