Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Naked TV Stars

Pictures of naked TV stars have always been in high demand. The fact that most of the stars have sexy bodies fans just like to look at doesn�t seem to be the driving factor. It seems that a lot of female TV stars over the age of 40 and many of the reality show stars are posing naked for magazines. The over 40 crowd may be concerned that they are losing their sex appeal. Spreads in playboy or penthouse will surely bolster a shaky body image. I suspect the reality show folks are doing the naked TV stars gig for both the publicity and the money.

Survivor All-Stars� couple, Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn, posed as naked TV stars for an anti-fur PETA ad. They are playing Adam and Eve complete with skimpy fig leaves that leave nothing to be imagined. The ad is part of PETA�s anti-fur campaign. Now they are using sex to try to convince us not to wear fur. Isn�t there some kind of weird irony in using nudity to promote not wearing fur? Weren�t furs the first clothes that humans used to keep naked people from getting cold?

Survivor�s Jerri Manthey was paid something in "the mid six figures" to be a naked TV star in 2001. According to her manager, �"Jerri posed for Playboy because the money is so damned good. That's why most reality stars do it." Apparently Manthey turned down Playboy after Survivor: All-Stars aired because they only offered her $300,000 for the shoot.

However, some reality stars insist they've posed as naked TV stars for reasons other just money. Fro example, Sarah Kozer says she posed Playboy for after her run on Joe Millionaire not for the money but rather so she would have the magazine to look back fondly on her beautiful firm body after she got old and wrinkly. She ought to win a prize for the �best justification� of the year.

Whatever their professed reason for becoming naked TV stars, both the over 40 crowd and the reality show stars are raking in the money and all of the free publicity associated with being naked TV stars.

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