Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Martha Stewart Recipe Television

Martha Stewart was famous as a television show host for Martha Stewart recipe television, for her award-winning magazine, Martha Stewart Living and her bestselling product lines. Now she has become infamous for going to prison for insider trading. She is considered the guide for stylish living and is usually hated by most working women who just don�t have the time to do everything she suggests on her program. She is definitely one of those people you love to hate. Martha Stewart recipe television has spawned several successful cook books.

Martha Stewart recipe television was inspired by her mother. Martha was raised in Nutley, New Jersey. She is one of six children. Martha developed her passion for cooking, gardening and being a home maker as a child. Her mother was a schoolteacher and homemaker. Martha learned the basics of cooking, baking, canning, and sewing from her mother. Her father was a pharmaceutical salesman, who loved to garden and spent most of his free time teaching Martha everything her new about gardening.

Although Martha Stewart recipe television was inspired by her mother�s training, her background as a stock broker after graduating from college provided her with the necessary business acumen to make her first business a success. She established a catering business with her husband and daughter. She had a knack for using great visual presentation of the food and creating unique recipes for her catered events. These skills provided the material for her first book, Entertaining. Some of the other ventures that grew out of this foundation are: the Martha Stewart Living magazine and widely syndicated television show; Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, the Everyday Food magazine and the PBS television show; Martha Stewart Everyday mass-market merchandise sold at Kmart; and Martha Stewart Signature Furniture with Bernhardt.

From its humble beginnings, Martha Stewart recipe television had developed into the Martha Stewart multi-media empire. She is as influential a business celebrity as Donald Trump. In fact, some people have called her a female version of �the Donald�. He is probably one of the best know, if not the most notorious, female head of a large corporation. She certainly has come a long way since Martha Stewart recipe television first began.

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