Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture Of The First Television

Picture of the first television are hard to come by. The first successful television broadcast was made in 1926 by John Baird. Baird was a Scottish inventor. He had a laboratory in the Soho district of London. Like most inventors he had very little money and lived on the funds supplied by �Science� patrons, who were wealthy people with an interest in science who provided money and equipment for people Like John Baird to experiment. A picture of the first television Baird invented to make his historic transmission is not available.

Baird built his first mechanical image scanning device out of two hatboxes and a coffin lid with the aid of volunteers. His image scanning device was based on an invention by Nipkow in 1884. Basically the hatboxes served as spinning disks with holes cut into then in concentric circles. The holes cut the light the image was reflecting into rows which was picked up by the selenium coated coffin lid. The coffin lid was connected to an electric circuit that could change light into sound waves. The sound waves were then broadcast over conventional radio transmitters. The radio receiver was connected to a device that converted the sound waves back into light and then the light was transmitted to a cathode ray tube to display it on the screen. A picture of the first television used is not available.

Baird also made the first transatlantic television broadcast about a year later. John Bair went on the found the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) that is still the largest television broadcasting company in England, Scotland and Ireland. A picture of the first television sold commercially was found in a 1928 newspaper ad. The ad stated, �November 1928 - "Television at Olympia" The Model "A", is a portable instrument which contains a televisor only. The Model "B", a somewhat more elaborate instrument, which in addition to the televisor contains a loudspeaker, and finally, the Model "C", the most elaborate piece of furniture, where the lower part contains two super radio receivers, one for speech & music, and the other for television!� A picture of the first television sold by Baird�s company I shown below.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Naked TV Stars

Pictures of naked TV stars have always been in high demand. The fact that most of the stars have sexy bodies fans just like to look at doesn�t seem to be the driving factor. It seems that a lot of female TV stars over the age of 40 and many of the reality show stars are posing naked for magazines. The over 40 crowd may be concerned that they are losing their sex appeal. Spreads in playboy or penthouse will surely bolster a shaky body image. I suspect the reality show folks are doing the naked TV stars gig for both the publicity and the money.

Survivor All-Stars� couple, Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn, posed as naked TV stars for an anti-fur PETA ad. They are playing Adam and Eve complete with skimpy fig leaves that leave nothing to be imagined. The ad is part of PETA�s anti-fur campaign. Now they are using sex to try to convince us not to wear fur. Isn�t there some kind of weird irony in using nudity to promote not wearing fur? Weren�t furs the first clothes that humans used to keep naked people from getting cold?

Survivor�s Jerri Manthey was paid something in "the mid six figures" to be a naked TV star in 2001. According to her manager, �"Jerri posed for Playboy because the money is so damned good. That's why most reality stars do it." Apparently Manthey turned down Playboy after Survivor: All-Stars aired because they only offered her $300,000 for the shoot.

However, some reality stars insist they've posed as naked TV stars for reasons other just money. Fro example, Sarah Kozer says she posed Playboy for after her run on Joe Millionaire not for the money but rather so she would have the magazine to look back fondly on her beautiful firm body after she got old and wrinkly. She ought to win a prize for the �best justification� of the year.

Whatever their professed reason for becoming naked TV stars, both the over 40 crowd and the reality show stars are raking in the money and all of the free publicity associated with being naked TV stars.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monk TV Show

The Monk TV show is about a former police detective who has a photographic memory and an ability to solve mysteries reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, Adrian Monk is also rather eccentric as well as suffering from a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder that surfaced after the death of his wife Trudy. Trudy was brutally murdered and the case has never been solved. As a result of his mental health problems, he has been put on psychiatric leave from the police department. In an effort to convince his boss to let him come back to work, he regularly helps out when the police run into a case they are having difficulty solving. The Monk TV show airs on Friday night.

The Monk TV show is set in the city of San Francisco. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, Monk�s boss, is also his friend and very aware of Monk�s limitations as well as his strengths. Although he appreciates Monk�s help on the cases, the captain still has doubts about whether to let Adrian Monk carry a gun or come back to work. Stottlemeyer's second-in-command, Lieutenant Randall Disher sees Monk as a rival for any chance he has of being promoted although he does seem to be gaining a grudging respect for Monk�s keen powers of deduction.

In the Monk TV show, Adrian Monk has a personal assistant that helps him do the every day things he needs to do. Sometimes Monk�s obsessive tendencies get the best of him. He is a fanatic about cleanliness. The idea of not sterilizing everything can make him faint. In the introduction to this season�s show they show Monk washing all of the door handles from his house in the dishwasher, a classic obsessive compulsive disorder behavior. His assistant is Natalie Teeger. Natalie is both a widow and a single parent with a daughter named Julie.

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Tony Shalhoub plays Monk on The Monk TV show and is perfect for the part. He manages to make himself totally believable as both the obsessive compulsive patient and the keen minded detective. That is not such an easy trick to pull off. The interaction between Monk, his assistant and Captain Stottlemeyer is hileraous. With the excellent supporting cast and guest stars, The Monk TV show is a good choice to spend a relaxing hour watching TV.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mash Television Show

The MASH television show is based on a book written by Richard hooker in 1968. In 1970, 20th Century Fox produced the movie of the same name. Then in 1973, CBS bought the pilot the MASH television show. The show ran for 11 years and 251 episodes. Ironically, the show was almost cancelled after the first season because of poor rating. It made the top ten in its second season and never fell out of the top 20. The actors decided to cancel the show by refusing to renew their contracts. The final episode of MASH was a two and a half hour special that drew the largest audience to ever watch a single television program episode.

The MASH television show was a new genre of program later called a dramady because it always had two story lines, one dramatic and one comedic. In both cases, they focused on character and motive. The story was set in South Korea, near Seoul during the Korean War. The story was about a group of doctors and nurses that worked at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital or MASH unit for short. The camp was set between a mountain and a minefield in an isolated area. Wounded soldiers were brought to the hospital by helicopter, ambulance or bus. The cast patched up the wounded and either sent them home or back to the fighting.

The cast of the MASH television show consisted of the following people:
� Dr. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce � an excellent surgeon who had been drafted in the army and had little use for military discipline.
� Dr. "Trapper" John McIntyre � another draftee and almost as opposed to military life as Hawkeye
� Dr. Frank Burns � regular army doctor who believed in following the book
� Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan � Head nurse and beautiful woman and regular army
� Lt. Col. Henry Blake � camp commander who tired to keep the regular army folks from court-martialing the two surgeons.
� Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly � company clerk who kept everything running smoothly
� Corporal Max Klinger � a draftee who was seeking a medical discharge and frequently dressed in womens� clothes attempting to prove he was crazy.
� Father Francis Mulcahy � Camp chaplain who took care of a local orphanage.

The MASH television show cleverly depicted the horrors and agony of war, while show how the surgeons used womanizing, drinking homemade gin and being generally unmilitary and undisciplined as a way to cope with all the horrors they encountered each day while trying to save the lives of the soldiers, most of whom were just teenagers. It was the combination of the drama that touched people�s hearts combined with the sometimes subtle, some times slap stick comedy that made the MASH television show one of the all time great TV programs.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Martha Stewart TV Recipes

Martha Stewart TV recipes come directly out of her cookbooks. Those cookbooks contain recipes that range from simple home style fare to elaborate dinner-party creations. From quick and easy, others are down right elegant. If you carefully look through the Martha Stewart TV recipes, you will probably find something to grab your interest and attention that demands you try it out.

The following is a list of Martha Stewart TV recipes books that can be found at almost any book store:

"Martha Stewart Living 2002 Annual Recipes" � As original and creative as her recipes are, Martha seems to be running out of original titles fro her Martha Stewart TV recipes cook books. Each year she publishes a collection of the best recipes from the previous year. This one is no exception.

"The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook" � published to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Martha Stewart's magazine and contains over 1000 Martha Stewart TV recipes. It is a must have for the serious chef.

"Favorite Comfort Food" � This Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book includes a lot of common everyday dishes found on the average person�s dinner table like macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, clam chowder, pancakes, omelets, meatloaf, chicken pot pie, and more of your old-fashioned, down-home favorites.

"Desserts" � According to many people, Martha left out important details in this Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book, but this book is as much a treat for the eyes, as it is for the taste buds.

"Martha Stewart's Healthy Quick Cook" - This Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book is filled with more than 170 recipes and over 50 separate menus that explain low-fat cooking at its finest.

�What To Have For Dinner� � this Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book gives us dinner suggestions for the different seasons of the year that include 30 separate menus and over 120 recipes.

�The Martha Stewart Cookbook� � This Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book was the first of Martha's large cookbooks. The recipes can be difficult for the novice cook and are certainly not suitable for the budget-minded.

�Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts� � This Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book contains exotic recipes for pies and tarts. This is a must have collections for the serious entertainer.

�Martha Stewart's Quick Cook Menus� � This Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book contains a lot of good recipes but they will take quite a bit of time to make so the in the title �quick� is not quite accurate. However, all of these Martha Stewart TV recipes cook book will make you a very popular hostess or provide the basis for a successful catering business.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Samsung DLP Protection TV

Samsung DLP protection TV is just one of the many brands of digital light processing televisions now available. DLP is cutting edge technology. The basis for this new technology is a digital micro mirror device or DMD. This processing chip was invented by Texas Instruments in 1987. When it became obvious that the new chip could be used for digital light processing, practical uses for this new technology became possible. One of those uses is Samsung DLP protection TV. The chip is composed of almost two million microscopic hinged mirrors where each mirror is about one fifth the width of a human hair.

To make this chip create digital video in a Samsung DLP protection TV, you must combine the DMD with a light source, a color wheel, a projection lens and a digital video signal. The mirrors are on hinges so they can be turned either toward the light source (ON state) or away from the light source (OFF state). In the ON state the mirror reflects the color of the light. In the OFF state the mirror leaves a dark pixel on the screen�s surface. The digital bit stream in the video signal instructs the mirror to turn on or off as frequently as several thousand times a second. A single DMD chip system can produce 16.7 million colors and a three chip professional system can produce up to 35 trillion colors.

The digital signal coming into the system took the original image and broke it into its red, blue and green component colors for each frame of the movie. Then these components are coded into a digital signal which is then sent to the Samsung DLP protection TV. The digital signal is then read by the processors in the Samsung DLP protection TV circuitry which coordinate the ON and OFF states for red blue and green to produce the correct colors. The human brain and the fantastic optical receptors in the human eye competes the signal processing by blending these rapid flashes of light into the proper colors so that we see the image on the screen.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

OC TV Show

The OC TV show airs on the FOX network on Thursday nights and takes place in Orange County, California. Orange County is an extremely wealthy waterfront community that from the outside appears to be the most perfect place in the world to live. However, that is only the fa�ade the residents allow outsiders to see. Underneath, Orange County is a community of lies where nothing is really what it seems to be on the surface. The OC TV show chronicles the lives of two families of Orange County.

Sometime, I really would like to see a TV show about a wealthy family who were good decent people with decent moral values where the members led normal lives. I seriously doubt that will ever happen because the poor and middle class need show like The OC TV show to help them believe that being rich isn�t going to solve all of their problems. It makes the average person less envious of the wealthy. Of course, people are human and family and romantic relationships are problematic no matter what level of society you inhabit. That is a universal truth exploited by TV dramas.

The OC TV show portrays Orange County as a world of shifting loyalties where family members live secret lives they keep hidden from their family and most others as well. The main character is Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from a middle class family when gets dumped into the middle of this materially fabulous world after being invited to stay in his public defender, Sandy Cohen�s guest house for a while. Kristen, Sandy�s wife, is worried that Ryan will be a bad influence on her son, Seth. Seth is a dreamer and not very popular with the other teenagers in the OC.

The OC TV show is a story of family relationships and how three young people transition from teenager to adult. The Coopers live next door to the Cohens. Their daughter Marrissa is a beautiful girl who seems to have a very easy life. Her father is a chronic adulterer and his affairs threaten to destroy his daughter�s view of the world. The program delves into the intricacies of parent child relationships as well as the interaction between husbands and wives when dealing with their children. The OC TV show follows the lives of two families and the outside in their mist.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The NCIS TV show is about program about the activities and responsibilities of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS. They are basically the detective division of the Navy�s police force and investigate any crimes that involve either naval or marine personnel. NCIS operates outside the normal military chain of command because some independence is necessary to be able to investigate military personnel regardless of rank. The NCIS TV show chronicles the exploits of one of the agency�s crack teams.

The lead investigator on the NCIS TV show is a former marine sniper named Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs is a skilled investigator who is smart, tough and willing to bend, but not break, the rules in order to get the job done. Gibbs has been married several times and spends his off duty hours building a boat in his basement using hand tools. The boat seems to be a form of therapy for Gibbs.

Working under Gibbs on the NCIS TV show is Agent Anthony Dinozzo who is a former homicide detective from Baltimore who joined NCIS a few years ago and has all the street smarts you would expect from a city cop. Dinozzo considers himself a �player� and wines and dines the ladies and lives for his car

The NCIS TV show has a very gifted forensic scientist in Agent Abby Sciuto. Abby is a Goethe and wears the black clothes and makeup and has all of the weirdness you would expect from someone who embraces the Goethe lifestyle. For example, she sleeps in a coffin.

The NCIS TV show has an eccentric medical in Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard. Ducky is an English gentleman who can go on and on about the most unrelated topics while performing autopsies.

Last season on the NCIS TV show, Agent Caitlin Todd, a former secret service agent assigned to protect the president was killed while chasing a Hamas terrorist. She has been replaced by Ziva David, an Israeli Mosad agent on loan to the NCIS. Ziva is smart, ruthless and also somewhat funny as she frequently makes blunders due to cultural differences.

The NCIS TV show has agent Tim McGee as a balance to Dinozzo. McGee is an MIT graduate and a computer nerd whose skills compliment Abby�s and really give them an advantage over the criminals they routinely deal with. To add more spice to the NCIS TV show, this season NCIS got a new director, Jenny Shepard, who is a former black ops agent who both worked with Gibbs and was his former lover. All in all NCIS is an excellent TV program.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mad TV

Mad TV is pretty much a video version of the magazine that inspired the show. The magazine was known for its sarcastic, off the wall treatment of almost every topic imaginable. Politics and entertainment seemed to be major targets for its cutting humor. Mad TV is a zany late night comedy sketch program. The show is somewhat reminiscent of SCTV but with an even more irreverent and bizarre take on the universe. One of its most popular features is the parodies of popular movies, TV shows and music done with their characteristic sarcastic, yet tongue in cheek style. Mad TV is a late night must from many viewers.

Since Mad TV premiered in 1995, it has featured hundreds of guest stars, bands and singers. They not only make fun of them but they will invite the star onto the show to perform as well. Their guests have included some of the biggest name in Hollywood such as Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Jack Black, Dennis Hopper, David Alan Grier, Halle Berry, George Carlin, Seth Green, Martin Short, Jackie Chan, Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore, Jon Heder, Ludacris, Nicole Richie, Alanis Morrisette, Avril Lavigne, Nelly, Ryan Reynolds, Don Cheadle, Outkast and Green Day.

During the past 10 years, the highly innovative cast of Mad TV has created a swarm of original characters such as Ms. Swan, Stuart, Lorraine, Dot, Trina, UBS Guy and Bunifa. There are other original characters on the show but these are the most popular. During this 10 year reign, there have been over 30 different cast members. After establishing themselves on Mad TV, many have moved on to star in film, TV and radio,

The current full-time Mad TV cast members include: Bobby Lee, Arden Myrin, Daniele Gaither, Frank Caliendo, Ike Barinholtz, Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Michael McDonald, Nicole Parker and Stephnie Weir.

MAD TV has been nominated for a number of Emmy awards over the past 10 years and has won Emmys for the both its Hair and Wardrobe departments. Mad TV currently airs on FOX every Saturday night. Syndicated reruns of Mad TV can be seen on Comedy Central six days a week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Martha Stewart Recipe Television

Martha Stewart was famous as a television show host for Martha Stewart recipe television, for her award-winning magazine, Martha Stewart Living and her bestselling product lines. Now she has become infamous for going to prison for insider trading. She is considered the guide for stylish living and is usually hated by most working women who just don�t have the time to do everything she suggests on her program. She is definitely one of those people you love to hate. Martha Stewart recipe television has spawned several successful cook books.

Martha Stewart recipe television was inspired by her mother. Martha was raised in Nutley, New Jersey. She is one of six children. Martha developed her passion for cooking, gardening and being a home maker as a child. Her mother was a schoolteacher and homemaker. Martha learned the basics of cooking, baking, canning, and sewing from her mother. Her father was a pharmaceutical salesman, who loved to garden and spent most of his free time teaching Martha everything her new about gardening.

Although Martha Stewart recipe television was inspired by her mother�s training, her background as a stock broker after graduating from college provided her with the necessary business acumen to make her first business a success. She established a catering business with her husband and daughter. She had a knack for using great visual presentation of the food and creating unique recipes for her catered events. These skills provided the material for her first book, Entertaining. Some of the other ventures that grew out of this foundation are: the Martha Stewart Living magazine and widely syndicated television show; Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, the Everyday Food magazine and the PBS television show; Martha Stewart Everyday mass-market merchandise sold at Kmart; and Martha Stewart Signature Furniture with Bernhardt.

From its humble beginnings, Martha Stewart recipe television had developed into the Martha Stewart multi-media empire. She is as influential a business celebrity as Donald Trump. In fact, some people have called her a female version of �the Donald�. He is probably one of the best know, if not the most notorious, female head of a large corporation. She certainly has come a long way since Martha Stewart recipe television first began.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mad TV Cast

Nicole Parker, a member of the Mad TV cast, is a graduate of Indiana University, and is from Irvine, CA. Stand-up comedian Frank Caliendo, another member of the Mad TV cast, made his network series debut on the sketch comedy series �Hype.� Caliendo graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee where he majored in broadcast journalism.

Bobby Lee, a member of the Mad TV cast, is a native of San Diego, CA. While working at his family�s clothing store, Lee was spotted by Frank Burns, the legendary manager of La Jolla's Comedy Store and offered a gig there.

Comedienne Stephnie Weir, a member of the Mad TV cast, studied broadcasting and theater at Odessa (Texas) Junior College. She went on to earn a degree in anthropology and women�s studies at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Michael McDonald, a member of the Mad TV cast, is currently in his eight season. He is scheduled for a couple of episodes of the show this season.

Daniele Gaither, a member of the Mad TV cast, is also a member of The Groundlings' current revue. Gaither attended Northwestern University and is from St. Paul, MN.

Keegan-Michael Key, a member of the Mad TV cast, was a member of the Second City-Detroit Main stage for almost four years, where he performed and wrote 11 revues. Key is a founding member of The Planet Ant Theatre Company in Hamtramck, MI.

Ike Barinholtz, a member of the Mad TV cast, is a native of Chicago. Barinholtz lives in Los Angeles with his dog. This is his fifth season on Mad TV.

Arden Myrin, a member of the Mad TV cast, Myrin�s credits include film, television and theater. Myrin graduated with a degree in theater from Colorado College. She currently resides in Los Angeles and this is her first season on Mad TV.

Jordan Peele, a member of the Mad TV cast, is returning for his third season. Peele trained at Chicago's famed Second City. Peele attended Sarah Lawrence College and is from New York, NY.

The Mad TV cast have an impressive list of credits. The Mad TV cast are a very talented bunch of comic actors. Their skills and dedication make Mad TV the irreverent and hilariously funny show that it is.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lost TV Show

The Lost TV show is a drama about plane crash survivors. The program was created by J.J. Abrams (Alias), and Damon Lindelof (Crossing Jordan). The Lost TV show is an adventure with continual action that will bring out both the best and worst in the crash survivors.

The Lost TV show opened with the plane crash and then the panic as the survivors began to awaken. There are 48 survivors. They needed to scavenge whatever they could from the plane that might help them all to survive until they are rescued. This group of people some of them friends, family and even enemies, but most strangers must learn to work together if they are to survive long enough to be rescued. They are stranded on an island. There are howling creatures in the jungle that strike fear in many of the people.

Jack, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, is a doctor who eventually becomes the leader of the group.

Kate, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, has no medical training but volunteers to help the doctor treat all of the injured people , including the doctor.

Hurley, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, is a man who tries to help everyone around him cope by using his gentle sense of humor to ease the tensions.

Charlie, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, is a washed up rock star who is hiding a very painful secret.

Sayid, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, is a Middle Eastern man who must deal with the outright racial prejudice directed at him by some of his fellow survivors

Jin and Sun, who are members of the Lost TV Show cast, are a Korean couple whose English is poor and whose old country customs and traditions cause a lot of misunderstandings.

Sawyer, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, is a man who doesn�t seem to trust anybody, a trait that could prove fatal.

Michael and Walt, who are members of the Lost TV Show cast, are father and son. Dad just got custody of nine year old Walt after his mother died and hardly knows the boy

Locke, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, seems to have some sort of deep connection to the island as impossible as that may seem. He tends to keep to himself.

Shannon, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, is a self centered woman who actually gave herself a pedicure rather than help others right after the crash.

Boone, who is a member of the Lost TV Show cast, is Shannon�s estranged brother who seems to want to control her. All they do is fight with each other. With these folks as members of the group, The Lost TV show promises to provide many hours of entertainment to the viewer.